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The teaching of the gospel of God's Kingdom has evolved through the ages. The invention of Guttenberg's printing press made it possible to use the printed word as never before. Radio made it possible to spread the spoken word in the form of sermons. The tape recorder — first the reel-to-reel and finally the compact cassette made it possible for a ministry to reach people far beyond a local church.

Pastor Sheldon Emry was a leader in utilizing all the media available to him to teach the Kingdom message in a clear and concise manner that few could equal. After his death in 1985, the availability of his books, sermon tapes and other literature began a slow decline for various reasons. The cassette was about to be replaced by computer discs; printing and postage costs increased. It seemed other ministers were too busy promoting themselves to keep Pastor Emry's memory and messages alive. If something hadn't been done soon, both he and his works would have been forgotten and lost for ever.

Therefore, in 2007 the idea of a memorial library in his honor was born. What was envisioned was a website where anyone in the world, who had access to the internet, could study his written material and listen to his many sermons. It was to be a spiritual endeavor where the Kingdom Gospel was free and NOT be another money making mail order business. You won't find a "Donation" button on this website. While we accept and have received help as God directs, we don't entice  you to place such gift on a (debt/usury) credit card. Efforts still continue to locate missing literature and tapes so the library can contain, as close as possible, Pastor Emry's witness as he would have presented it.

Pastor Emry's former home and headquarters as it appeared in 2011.

Through the large arches on the left, you entered the chapel where the Lord's Covenant Church met.


Bulletin Board

As you enter our library, the first thing you see is a large bulletin board. Be sure and check here for latest information and directions.


Pastor Sheldon Emry  1926 — 1985

— As remembered by those who knew him —


The Legacy of Pastor Sheldon Emry Lives On

— The purpose of this Memorial Library is Explained —


Perilous Times Message Room

For your convenience, some of his more pertinent sermons concerning our troubled times, are listed on this page.



Thanksgiving Message Room

A one-stop collection of messages & booklet on Thanksgiving.


Cassette Taped Messages

During his ministry, Pastor Emry recorded and distributed his sermons on cassette tapes. Today, economics and technology have demanded going to digital format. You will find them here.


Books — Booklets — Pamphlets by Sheldon Emry

In addition to hundreds of recorded sermons, Pastor Emry produced dozens of printed items. In an effort to reach as many as possible, he encouraged duplication and further distribution of his material. To this end this library is making available all  appropriate books and booklets.



We are pleased to announce the addition of the Video of "Heirs Of The Promise." This important presentation by Pastor Sheldon Emry, has been one of the most effective tools to explain our Israel Identity. You will find, several other videos produced byPastor Emry.


Bible Study Course

Kingdom Bible Study


Reference Reading Room 

Throughout Pastor Emry's ministry, he frequently referred to books and material from outside sources. As we expand this library, we plan to make available some of these volumes. To preserve clarity, this material will be placed in a separate area, called the "Reference Reading Room."



The Answering Service

Questions & Answers from radio and tape listeners have been compiled into a large volume that will answer the most common questions that people have. An index is included to aid in finding a specific question.


America's Promise Newsletters

Visitors to the library have donated some newsletters produced by Pastor Sheldon Emry. We wish to share a few of them with you.


Ben Williams' Library & Outpost Blog

One man who has followed true and expanded upon Sheldon Emry's teachings is Ben Williams. He served as Assistant Pastor under Sheldon four years and stood in as pastor for Lord's Covenant Church and America's Promise Ministry for one year before Sheldon's death in 1985 and for an additional year until his resignation after Sheldon's death.

To go to his library, click HERE - To go to his OUTPOST click HERE


Lord's Covenant Headquarters in 1984

The America's Promise Newsletter of February, 1984 featured a tour of the headquarters operations as it existed at it's apex.

For an excellent satellite view of Pastor Emry's former home and office, Google Earth to the following location:

12440 E Mountain View Rd., Scottsdale, Arizona - You can't miss the large, tile-roofed house.

Since Google Earth has added the "on the street" camera shots, you can look directly from the street toward the front of the building.

Click here for an image taken from Google Earth on 10/2016




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