The Reference Reading Room

Throughout Pastor Emry's ministry, he frequently referred to books and material from outside sources. As we continue to expand this library, we plan to make available some of these volumes. To preserve clarity, this material will be placed in this special area, called the "Reference Reading Room."


A Christian Guide To Mass-Media Mythology

— Featuring the cartoon ideas of Pastor Sheldon Emry & Ben Williams —

Cartoons drawn and compiled by Paul Bunch


The Two Babylons

by Alexander Hislop

The Two Babylons or The Papal Worship Proved to be the Worship of Nimrod and His Wife.

First published as a pamphlet in 1853 - greatly expanded in 1858.


Moses The Economist

by C. F. Parker

This is a rare book! Perhaps the only one which actually explains Bible application for common-sense everyday use of God's Law to maintain a society's economy under Christ's Reign. God's plan for the economy of his people is more simple than most people suspect.


Slavery — Then and Now

We are always proclaiming our FREEDOM — but are we really a free people — or could we be living an illusion? Read this article and think!


The Surprising Origins Of The Christmas Holiday

This 5 page pamphlet goes right to the core of the pagan origins of what many call Christmas. Read this and consider if you want to dishonor God by having any part of this un-Godly debauchery.


How To Become a Bishop Without Being Religious

In several sermons, Pastor Emry referred to this old book. The satirical presentation becomes very revealing, as to some of the reasons for the seeming success of "Judeo/Christian churches," while attempts of Identity ministers to build churches, fail.


The Thirteenth Tribe

Pastor Emry comments about Koestler's book, which reveals the true ancestry of the modern day Jew. Koestler, himself a Jew, shows how the Khazars, migrated to Poland and formed the cradle of Western Jewry. Available at You might, also, enjoy listening to Pastor Emry's tape sermons (7417a & 7417b) about this book.


The Origins of The Jews

No subject has been as misunderstood and wrongly taught by most churches as the origins of the Jewish people. This short essay presents an in depth study into the genealogies involved. This is a copy of the pamphlet distributed by Pastor Emry and makes a great tool to present to others.


The Anti-Thought Control Dictionary

by Ben Williams

Our controllers have, over a long period of time, changed the meaning of many of the words we commonly use. Use this dictionary to help re-align your thinking. Don't let them control your mind!