Anti-Thought_Control Picture

by Ben Williams

People can be controlled if their thoughts can be controlled. Since words are thoughts in visible form, words can be manipulative tools to change the way people think – thereby changing and controlling the masses. To accomplish this, the controllers only need to adjust or change the MEANINGS of important words to fit their particular political/religious paradigm, and invent NEW EMOTIONALLY-CHARGED TERMS to keep us confused and off balance.

Eventually, all important words used by the public will automatically convey only the meanings that are approved by the Beast System's word controllers. When they accomplish this it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to explain concepts of truth because the very words we use will have become meaningless.

If we carelessly acquiesce to meaning changes in this war of words, then we will become thought-controlled people. However, if we constantly define our words, terms and phrases – keeping them in tune with Gods Word – and insist others define their terms so we can know what they are actually saying, we will be guarding against mind-control, and we will be blessed with a "sound mind"  in the midst of an unsound world
. (2 Tim. 1:7)






Balanced Federal Budget
Bank Account
Body of Christ
Born of the Spirit


Central Government
Christian Nation
Church Fathers
Crime Rate


Drunkards of Ephraim


Eonian Life
Eternal Life



Freedom of the Press


God Manifest in Flesh
Gun Control


Holy Spirit
Holy War


Immortal Soul
Implied Contract
In the Name of Jesus
Income Tax
Israel Identity Church


Jury of Your Peers


Kingdom of God


Land Ownership
Land Patent
Last Days
Loan Foreclosure


Majority Rule
Mark of the Beast
Martial Law


National Debt
New World Order



Political Election
Public Education
Pursuit of Happiness



Raising The Dead


Seeking Truth
Self Defense
Separation of Church and State
Sex Education
Speaking In Tongues


Taking the Lord's Name in Vain
Tax Protester
The Called and the Chosen
The Civil War
The "Coming" of Jesus
The Millennium
The Public Interest
The Word
Those Not Defiled by Women




Values Clarification


War Crimes
War on Drugs
Women's Rights






CONTROLLED MEANING: A woman's right to choose whether or not she wants to have a baby. Sensible family planning.

TRUE MEANING: Aborticide. Brutal mayhem and murder of helpless unborn babies. It is a woman's right to decide whether or not to get pregnant. She does NOT have the right to decide whether her baby lives or dies. Babies (even those unborn) have just as much right to life as the mother. Neither mothers nor doctors have a right to kill babies.

To abort their babies women must reject perhaps the strongest instinct God put into them. It is an insidious spirit that has infected the American mother to change her from savior, defender and nurturer to her helpless baby …  into her baby's murderer. Killing one's own baby reverses the very meaning of motherhood.


CONTROLLED MEANING: The offering of goods or services to the public through announcements in the media.

ACTUAL MEANING: Over the last few decades "advertising" has gone far beyond the announcement of products. It has become a virtual science of commercial lying and manipulation. Like political promises and cover-ups most ads are outright lies, and the advertisement field is a study in deception and mind manipulation. Retail sales in America are based on cleverness of packaging and advertising rather than the quality of, or need for, the product. American commerce is 90% trickery, deceit, and flim-flam due largely to the gigantic, high-tech, high-paid advertisement industry.

Advertising may be described as the science of arresting the human intelligence long enough to get money from it. — Stephen Leacock

Few people at the beginning of the nineteenth century needed an adman to tell them what they wanted. —John Kenneth Galbraith

Advertising is the art of making whole lies out of half truths. — anon

You can tell the ideals of a nation by its advertisements.— Norman Douglas


CONTROLLED MEANING: A debilitating disease which renders its victims perpetually drunk when they live a normal lifestyle with normal amounts of alcohol consumption.

TRUE MEANING: Habitual drunkenness. The result of an undisciplined and deliberate abuse of alcohol (a drug) to the point of damaging one's own mind and body.


ASSUMED MEANING: Land held absolutely in one's own right, and not of any lord or superior; land not subject to feudal duties or burdens. An estate held by absolute ownership, without recognizing any superior to whom any duty is due on account thereof. (Black's Law Dict.)

Land and/or property secured by allodial title and removed from, and no longer subject to, state jurisdiction or taxation.

TRUE MEANING: The term "allode" comes from Latin (allodis), meaning entirely and freely owned. "All" means "all." "Od" means "property; wealth." "Allodium" means complete and uncompromised ownership of land/property.

The above definition from Blacks Law Dictionary is essentially correct ... but commonly misinterpreted. Many people today assume that by careful and astute manipulation they can rescue their land/property from state jurisdiction and achieve allodial ownership, and thus remove the threat of government intrusion upon their property. This, assumption, however, stems from an imperfect understanding of law, and it disregards one vital factor: namely, that private allodial ownership is impossible when an established and empowered government has interest in that property.

"Allodial" must be free from any hold or interest of any lord or superior: ownership without obligation of any kind. Allodial ownership implies uncontested conquest, war being the usual means to acquiring land in allodium. Allodium cannot be achieved or acquired by permission, grant, or title. Allodium can only be acquired by force. Allodial ownership is not possible for individuals within the jurisdiction of a ruling government, for the government lays claim to all the land it governs. The U.S. Constitution empowers the government with "eminent domain" over all its lands. This, alone, precludes the possibility of private allodial ownership of U.S. land. Further, the U.S. Government is constitutionally empowered to tax its land and property. The power to tax presumes ownership/interest of the land. Thus, all U.S. land is owned allodially, through conquest, by the government itself. So-called "private ownership" of land is actually only rental, and is granted under government jurisdiction.

Allodial ownership of land/property in the United States of America is only by government itself unless and until a superior power greater than the U.S. Government takes the land/property by force. Then, the land/property will be allodially owned by the new superior power.

Correctly, under God's law, God himself claims allodial ownership of the land (Lev. 25:23). Man is given lease rights of land for use, but neither men nor governments the right to sell, liquidate, lose, speculate, or gamble with land.

Allodial" is not to be confused with "fee simple." "Fee simple" is a legal term signifying property/land granted to a holder free from taxes or fees of any kind. A "fee simple" title can be issued only by a superior power (i.e., the allodial owner) to an inferior beneficiary. Kings, for instance, could grant a title of "fee simple" ownership to favored subjects. Allodial ownership is always retained and held by the king (i.e., the government).


CONTROLLED MEANING: Rejection of established government. Rejection of police law enforcement. Rebellion toward authority.

CORRECT MEANING: Rejection of ALL government, including God. ANARCHY (AN [no]—ARCH [ruler]) = "NO RULER." To reject human rulers does not make one an anarchist. One must reject ALL rule, including God's rule, to be a true anarchist.

Because Christians refuse to accept men (or groups of men) as rulers and law makers, they may be called "anarchists" by the established rulers and those brainwashed into accepting the concepts of "the state" and "central government." However, by definition, no one who accepts God's laws, or the laws of nature, could be an "anarchist."


STATED MEANING: A disparaging or antagonistic attitude, or hostile act toward a Jew, a Jewish organization or the religion of Judaism.

COVERT INTENT: Used to disarm, intimidate and confuse Christians to become submissive to Jews at the expense and eventual destruction of Christianity.

ACTUAL MEANING: Opposition toward people of Semitic (Shemitic) origin.

(NOTE: Most people who call themselves Jews are not Semitic in origin in that they are not descendants of Shem. In fact, most Jews are not Semitic by race, and have no blood ties to Abraham or the ancient nation of Israel. Rather they are more closely related to the Ashkenazi (Kahzars) from eastern Europe which claim no connection to Shem (Noah's son). By the same token, their religion, Judaism, as well as their Jewish organizations, have no connection to the ancient Hebrews of the Bible.

Thus, "Anti-Semitism," as a term, can only mean "to be against Semites": i.e., descendants of Shem who are actually Anglo-Saxon, Germanic and Scandinavian type people.


CHURCH MEANING: The greatest and final World War prophesied in the Bible. It will be centered about 60 miles north of Jerusalem in the old Valley of Jezreel. All the kings of the earth will converge there for battle, which will then spread worldwide. The Battle of Armageddon will employ nuclear weapons, and will cause the end of the world as we know it.

ACTUAL MEANING: "Armageddon" is not the name of a war, but the name of a place (Rev. 16:16). The name of the war that occurs there is "The War of the Great Day of God Almighty" (Rev. 16:14).

The word "Armageddon" comes from two Hebrew words: HAR (mountain) and MEGGIDO (regathering). In Bible symbolism, a "mountain" is a nation. Thus, "Armageddon" = NATION OF REGATHERING.

Armageddon, by definition, is a kingdom or nation designated a gathering place. The descendants of the 12 tribes of Israel – i.e., European, Germanic, English, Scottish, Irish, Scandinavian people – have been regathered in America. Here the War of the Great Day of God Almighty is being fought. The battle is not an end-time nuclear holocaust, but rather a long-term conquest by certain powerful men and groups to enslave the regathered remnants of the Children of Israel. The war is not future; it has been raging here for over 200 years. The culmination of this war is called "The Supper of the Great God" (Rev. 19:17, 18, 21) as the kings of the earth and their weapons are destroyed by the "sword" (word) that proceeds out of the mouth of Christ. Truth is the "sword" from Christ's mouth that sets us free and destroys our captors.

The Battle for Truth is being fought here in America. America is the "place called Armageddon."



OSTENSIBLE MEANING: A balanced budget requires that government expenditures do not exceed the amount of revenue collected. Expenditures in excess of annual revenue collected accrue to "the national debt."

ACTUAL PURPOSE: While the above definition is correct, it does not touch upon some important facts: 1. Government does NOT intend to balance the budget. 2. Government is NOT REQUIRED to balance the budget. 3. The federal deficit is NEEDED to keep the Fed's bogus economy afloat.

A balanced budget is NOT one of government's goals. "Deficit spending," as they call it, is one of government's main tools to regulate national economy. Government does not intend to balance the budget.

The Constitution authorizes government to borrow on the credit of the United States (Art. 1, Sec. 8), but it says nothing about the payment of that debt. Neither does it set a limit on the debt. Therefore, since government is not required to pay its debts, the loans amount to contributions — in essence, another form of government revenue.

Federal Reserve Notes (and bank computer entries representing FRNs) have come to be called "dollars" ... but they are NOT. They are actually debt notes created and issued into circulation by bank loans to both private and public sectors. The greater the number of Fed Notes in circulation, the greater the collective debt. Adequate debt (enough notes circulating) keeps tile economy afloat, and too little debt (too few notes) causes a depression. Thus, the U.S. economy is bogus — built upon debt.

The Feds regulate the volume of debt notes ("dollars" so-called) in circulation to an amount sufficient to sustain commerce, but not sufficient to extinguish the debt. The volume is regulated by bank policy (interest rates; making loans easier or harder to get) ... except where government is concerned. Interest rates and payback are of no concern to government loans because it is not expected to be repaid. Deficit spending, and the growing national debt, is used by government to inject additional FRNs into circulation. The additional currency created by deficit spending facilitates the growing burden (escalating fees, usury, and taxes) created by the expansion of government and its debt.

The banking system and its lackeys in government operate by fraud and illusion — smoke and mirrors. One must watch carefully to keep from being tricked. Eliminating the deficit would upset their juggling act by pulling several billion FRNs (debt notes) out of circulation. The economy would plunge ... and so would the people's confidence in the system.


CONTROLLED MEANING: A safe and convenient depository for your money which relieves you of the threat of possible loss or theft. An advanced feature of modern society which makes it possible to trade interstate, or internationally, without gold or cash.

Anyone who does not have a bank account, and a bank credit card, is considered a second-class citizen – disenfranchised and without the business privileges of modern society.

Everyone needs a bank account!

CORRECT MEANING: A bank account is a tool used by the Beast System to make it possible to keep extensive records on all their subjects (citizens). Your Bank Account Number, and your Social Security Number (required in order to open a Bank Account) are part of what the Bible calls "the mark of the beast."

In Revelation 13:15-17, the prophecy accurately foretold that the Beast System would force people to obtain a "mark" or a "number." Failure to obtain a "number" would render a person unable to buy or sell (i.e., conduct business). Most folks, today, are beginning to realize that it is impossible to conduct business publicly without a Bank Account and a number - thus, giving the Beast access to your records and private life. This, of course, was its motive all along. With your privacy compromised, and your life records available to all agencies of banking and government, they have the means to enslave and control you through taxation, investigation, and intimidation via the IRS, the police and the courts.

Actually, bank accounts (and banks, as we know them) are totally unnecessary. Local transactions are more easily conducted with cash. Interstate, or international, transactions can be handled by notes purchased from any reputable house of currency. This, however, would not serve the beast's purpose of getting a day-to-day record of your total cash flow – which records are then tallied and shared with the IRS via central computers tied in with all member banks throughout the world. If you have a bank account, your daily cash flow and tax liability is known to every bank and credit institution in the world – as well as the government.

Contrary to common brainwash, a bank account is NOT safe! It subjects you to legalized theft, slavery, and loss of privacy,. Bankers have convinced the public that it is not safe to store, carry or take care of your own cash. Thus, most people carry checkbooks instead of cash. However, less than 1% of the people get robbed of their cash in their entire lifetime. And, very few people lose any substantial amount of money by misplacing it. Compare that with the fact that 100% of the people who hand their cash over to a bank lose a percentage of their money every day through fees, interest and taxation. They are not only getting robbed – they generally become thieves themselves by participating in usury accounts.

The beast system could be dealt a severe blow if everyone would deal in cash as much as possible, purchase money orders for long distance transactions, and QUIT KEEPING RECORDS.


CONTROLLED MEANING: The rights/claims to which one is entitled by birth. A natural claim upon all rights that accrue to someone's birth status.

ACTUAL MEANING: "Birthright" is a term inherited, not from the Bible, but from English tradition. It was an offspring's claim of ownership upon his share of the family estate. In modern society the custom is nearly derelict since inheritances have become rare among the impoverished common folk.

The word "birthright" is not a Bible term or concept. The English "birthright" which appears in the KJV Bible comes from the Hebrew [bek-ora], and Greek [prototokia]. Both mean literally "Firstbornship." No "right" (entitlement; claim) is implied. In both cases the English translators took license with the original meaning, and insinuated English custom into it. "FIRSTBORNSHIP" is the correct translation. What is intended by both the Hebrew and the Greek is an inherited position, or rank. It indicates the firstborn's authority and status in the family, not a so-called entitlement or claim due him because he was born.

In Israel, the tradition of Firstbornship meant that the firstborn male offspring was scheduled to inherit his father's position of authority and responsibility to oversee the family estate. This was more a responsibility and honor than a financial windfall since the wealth belonged to the family, and he did not literally "own" the land. All the land belonged to God Himself and could not be bought, sold, traded away for profit, or lost from the family (Lev. 25:23).


CHURCH MEANING: The church with its members. Some churches view "membership" differently than others. To be a member of some churches, you need only attend their services and accede to their doctrines – thus, becoming a member of the Body of Christ. In other churches, one must officially join by swearing allegiance and taking out a document of membership – thus, being accepted into the Body of Christ.

CORRECT MEANING: The Body of Christ has nothing to do with churches. Rather, it is the collective, societal community of called-out followers of Christ. A corporate entity ... in the sense of incorporating and synchronizing various parts which work together (however, not "corporate" in the sense of being franchised under the power of the State).

The term, "Body of Christ," has been popularly perverted to refer to church membership. However, the "Body," as a living, functioning entity, encompasses every-day living, working, and co-operating. Churches stand in contrast to that, and are nothing but businesses of religion-for-profit. Like a stage show, they offer no solutions – only temporary indulgence.

The community (ecclesia), on the other hand, is the instrument of God's Kingdom to receive "life" as the Body of Christ. In the community, "members" (ecclesians) voluntarily work, co-operate, and support one another.


CHURCH MEANING: That which is composed of spirit, as opposed to that which is composed of physical matter (flesh, etc.). Invisible; supernatural.

"... that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.." — John 3:6

CORRECT MEANING: "Spirit" is that which inspires or motivates. Therefore, being "born of the spirit" means having one's direction and intent formed by inspiration. One who is "born of the spirit" is inspired to follow a particular direction or pattern. His way of life reflects that which inspires him — which gave him that "life." With Christians, that "life" is the spirit (inspiration) of Christ and His law.

In contrast, one who is "born of the flesh" looks only to fleshly urges to direct and define his life. His path is low and debased.

"But as many as received Him, to them He gave authority, to be the children of God, ... Those born not of blood, nor of the will of flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God." —Jn. 1:12-13. "Unless a man is born from above (i.e., inspired by God) he cannot perceive God's kingdom" —Jn. 3:3.

By the same token, "children of promise" (i.e., inspired children) and not just "children of the flesh," are counted for seed (Rm. 9:6-8). "For as many as are led by the spirit of God, they are the sons of God" —Rm. 8:14.



CONTROLLED MEANING: Freedom to invest in, and own, property. Free Enterprise. The opposite of Communism. The thing that keeps us free in the Western World. Capitalism exists only in democracies like America, Britain, and Western Europe.

CORRECT MEANING: A term, first used in the English language in 1854, for a system which profits from manipulation of "capital" rather than from work, genius and production. It provides for, and protects, plutocrats (those who rule by wealth — Capitalist prototypes) who profiteer from "capital" swindled from the industry, skills and labor of others. Capitalists neither labor nor create. They worship capital, which they hold sacred above all else — above law, truth, liberty and even life. Bankers (Plutocrats) hold mortgage on, and collect usury from, nearly all capital in existence. They are the epitome of Capitalism.

"Capitalism," then, is merely a euphemism for the Debt/Usury Banking System. It is NOT "free enterprise," but tightly controlled and restricted. It completely demolishes freedom by imposing controls, restrictions and taxes upon all labor and property. In contrast, free commerce and property cannot be regulated. Capitalism eliminates competition by transferring wealth into the hands of the banking plutocrats who use it to enslave the people.

Capitalism and Communism are not opposites. Capitalism is simply a system which favors Capitalists. A Capitalist is one who profits from Capital. Capital is the trading stock of a company, corporation or individual. Capitalists neither labor nor create. They profiteer off others' industry, skills and labor.

The main difference between Western economics ("Capitalism") and Eastern economics ("Communism") is that Capitalists enslave people subtly by controlling Capital, while Communists enslave people openly — showing that the slaves, themselves, are the "Capital" or "trading stock" (see DAS KAPITAL, by Karl Marx). Either way, the public is enslaved and forced to support the financial and political rulers.

Points of logic:

1. Capitalists worship Capital. Capital is held sacred above all else — above law, truth, liberty and even life (see Rev. 18:9-13 "souls of men" is last in priority).
2. Bankers own, or hold mortgage on, nearly all Capital. Therefore, bankers are the stockholders and the real Capitalists.
3. "Capitalism" is merely a euphemism for the "Debt/Usury Banking System.


CONTROLLED MEANING: Necessary centralized powers designed to control and prevent crime, protect against foreign invasion, prevent anarchy and insurgence. A powerful central government is necessary to protect and preserve the American way of life.

CORRECT MEANING: Rule by force, trickery and lies. It is man's attempt to usurp the Throne of God; to become "gods" with all the powers of lawmaking and rulership that God says is HIS ALONE.

Central Government is, in essence, a conspiracy of a few wealthy people to force their will upon the masses and keep themselves permanently wealthy and unanswerable to ordinary law. It is a form of nobility — a ruling class disguised as being "representatives" of the people when in fact they consider the people cattle to be controlled and used for war and for profit.


CONTROLLED MEANING: A nation like America that was originally founded by Christian Fathers and based upon Democracy and a Christian Constitution: i.e., the Constitution of The United States.

TRUE MEANING: A true Christian Nation is one that accepts and follows Christ as its King. As such, a Christian Nation would have no man-made constitution or set of laws created by rulers or governing powers. Rather, it would honor Christ as its Reigning King, and would believe in, and follow, the laws of God as laid out in the Holy Bible. The "Constitution" of a Christian Nation would be none other than the Bible itself.

The "Founding Fathers" of The United States were Masonic rather than Christian. The principles they followed were anti-Christian. The Constitution they created is an anti-Christian charter that facilitated Babylonian-type plutocratic conquest of America and its people.


CONTROLLED MEANING: A building or organization for Christians to meet regularly for singing, praying and worshipping.

TRUE MEANING: The English word "Church," the Scottish word "Kirk" and the German word "Kirche" all originate from the Greek word "κυριακος" KURIOKOS - which means "THE LORD'S." A "church" is anything "belonging to a lord" (any "lord"). The word origin and meaning has no logical connection to its modern-day usage among churchgoers. Its popular usage hails back to the 4th century when the Roman Emperor Constantine created the state-sanctioned institution of "The Church" to bring certain religious sects under state control.

The modern religious use of this word is enigmatic and defies all logic. The English Bible translators substituted the word "church" for the actual Bible word "ECCLESIA" (Gk. εκκλησια). A Christian ecclesia is "A CALLED-OUT CIVIL BODY." In Scripture, it refers to the civil body of "called-out" followers of Jesus. The term is meaningful and should not be ignored or replaced by another word. The word "church" does not actually appear in the Bible. When it appears in English translations (versions) it is a mistranslation. KURIOKOS (church) IS NOT ECCLESIA! The words are different; the institutions are different. No where in the Bible do we find a kuriokos. There is only "the called-out (elect)" ecclesia which unfortunately was mistranslated into "church," changing it (in English) to a form of state-sanctioned paganism.

"In the New Testament, ecclesia, signifying 'convocation,' is the only single word used (translated) for 'church.' It was the name given to the governmental assembly of the citizens of Athens, duly convoked (called out) by proper officers, and possessing all political power, including even juridical functions."             —Encyclopedia Britannica, Ninth Edition (1889)


CONTROLLED MEANING: The great Bishops and defenders of Christianity during its first seven centuries. Holy men who preserved, taught, and made application of the word of God from the time of the Apostles to the time that it was canonized and secured by the church.

ACTUAL MEANING: The so-called Church Fathers, with the possible exception of one or two of the very earliest, were Romanized change agents who, during the first few centuries after Christ's ascension, facilitated the replacement of "the faith delivered to the saints" over to a Babylonian/Judean paganism via the Church of Rome. They served the Church System which usurped the original ecclesia of Christ. The title "Church Fathers" is ignominious on its face, for it indicates a body of men who bred and birthed a beast offspring. They fathered the Church System which conspired with Central Government to confuse and rule the western world.

These "Fathers" are responsible for perverting the Word of God, turning it from truth to paganized fairy tales; from a godly schematic of how to live a blessed life under the Reign of Christ and the Ecclesia, to a convoluted and confusing collection of disconnected and meaningless nonsense called "Church doctrine." Thus they disabled and dispossessed the Word of God, leaving government, law, and social order to the exclusive purview of evil men. The Church Fathers (including Constantine) put into place the Church System with its perverted agenda that still holds sway over the minds and lives of most professing Christians. Most so-called "Christians" today learn church doctrine rather than Bible doctrine. Most people who claim to be "Christians" are actually "Churchites." They know the way of the Church, but they know little or nothing of the Way of Christ.

1. ... there shall be false teachers among you, who shall lead astray into destructive sects, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.

2. And many shall follow their unprincipled ways; through whom the way of truth shall be blasphemed.

3. And through covetousness shall they exploit you with feigned words ... — 2 Peter 2:1-2

4. Not every one that says to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that does the will of my Father which is in heaven.

Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

And then will I profess to them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.      — Mtt. 7:21-23


CONTROLLED MEANING: A natural, or naturalized, member of a state or nation who owes allegiance to its government and is entitled to its protection.

ACTUAL MEANING: Originally, an inhabitant of a city (citi-zen). Later, as more and more "cities" were Romanized, the term "citizen" took on Roman tone. The term "citizen" more or less meant "Roman." Citizens were enfranchised (civil-ized) under the Roman Civil Law. They had civil rights and protections provided them by the government of Rome. They also were expected to pay tax and perform according to Roman laws and edicts.

Today, Roman Law still defines "citizenship." A citizen is still one who is enfranchised under a ruler (or body of rulers, like Congress), from whom he gets his protections and rights, and to whom he owes allegiance.

A Christian is granted citizenship in New Jerusalem. That citizenship is forfeit if he chooses to be a citizen of any other kingdom.


CONTROLLED MEANING: The advanced state of society when men are educated, industrious, and refined. Also, those areas of the Earth occupied by "civilized" people.

ACTUAL MEANING: The assimilation of the Common Law over to the Civil Law, and the change of status from natural to legal. Originally "civilization" referred to lands or people brought under Roman Civil Law; also that "civil-izing" process. (civil: of or belonging to citizens. —Oxford Dict.). The process of "civil-ization" brought nations under the jurisdiction of Roman Civil Courts and lowered natural man to the status of "citizen."

Governments that favored Roman law eventually came to use the term "civilized" as synonymous with "blessed" and "advanced." However, some lands rejected Roman government because they believed it was oppressive and ungodly. These lands were "un-civil-ized."

As Roman idioms were adopted by the "Western World," the spirit of old Rome lived on in Western law and Western government. Today, Western Civilization is the modern parallel of the old anti-Christ Roman Civilization.


CONTROLLED MEANING: An old and obsolete Scottish form of society. An archaic culture which, after succumbing to British society, subsequently became only a novelty tradition. In America, when spelled with a "k" (klan) it refers to the Ku Klux Klan.

CORRECT MEANING: "Clan" is another word for "tribe." A clan is a society of independent households united by the common descent of the heads of each house. While Scottish culture had clans, the phenomenon was not limited to the Scots. Tribal cultures (clans) have existed on every continent. Ancient Hebrew culture, as well, was built around tribes (clans). The term has no etymological connection to the Masonic fraternity "Ku Klux Klan."

As families have heads, clans also have heads — called patriarchs. Jacob was one such clan patriarch. This patriarchal form of ecclesian society and civil government was God's choice of society for Israel.


CONTROLLED MEANING: A political Rightist who generally favors freedom, Capitalism and strong government. Anyone who is anti-Socialist/anti-Communist and anti-Liberalism. Also, anyone who subscribes to traditional morality and discipline.

CORRECT MEANING: "Disposed to conserve or preserve." In politics or ethics, it means "disposed to keeping existing conditions and traditions; resisting change." Whereas "Liberal" means open minded and amenable to change, "Conservative" means narrow-minded and resistant to change. Politically and religiously speaking, Conservativism assumes the Establishment is right. Therefore, Conservatives favor the Institutions and traditions of the Establishment (State; King; Church; War; etc.).

Again, notwithstanding modern political jargon, "Conservative" does not imply moral or good. Nor does it imply contempt for Socialism or Communism. The Politburo of the old Soviet Union were "Conservatives" ... as were the Pharisees of first-century Jerusalem who murdered Christ. There are both conservative and liberal proponents of all government systems – including Communism, Monarchism, Buddhism, Islam, Republicanism, etc. For example, the Bush family, the CIA, and the FBI are all "Conservative." They helped create and finance both Hitler's Nazi regime and Stain's Communist regime. In no way can these "conservative" organizations be considered moral or Christian.

"Conservatives" always uphold the current system – especially when it is THEIR SYSTEM. Thus, patriotic constitutionalists are "conservatives" hoping to preserve the system set up by "the Founding Fathers." On the other hand, anyone who aspires to the Reign of Christ rather than the wicked system of American government, could not be considered "conservative" from the viewpoint of American patriotism.


CONTROLLED MEANING: Government ownership and control of all property and capital as opposed to private ownership. The opposite of Capitalism.

CORRECT MEANING: A term, first used in the English language in 1843 for a system in which capital and labor is "vested in the community," but controlled by the state.

The most notable Communist nation (the USSR – now defunct) was created, financed and sustained by the U.S. Government for purposes of developing the Cold War, during which, under the pretext of Soviet threat, the US Government and Military managed to expand by orders of magnitude into a world-ruling Beast.

In 20th-century practice, Communism and Democracy are both branches of Capitalism. "Communist" central governments are instruments of the same plutocratic Capitalists who oversee the so-called "Democratic" governments of the world. The only visible difference between them is that Capitalistic Communism overtly controls "capital" — whereas Capitalistic Democracy subtly and covertly controls capital while giving the illusion of private ownership.

Both Democratic Capitalism and Communistic Capitalism are Plutocratic tools used to enslave the people and force them to support their slave masters. Both forms of central government are separate heads of the same international Beast System — bred, kept and trained by the Plutocrats of international finance.

The Plutocrats introduced the concepts of "Socialism," "Communism" and "Capitalism" in a short 15-year interval (1838-1854) — the very time they began preparing the western world for conquest by the bankers.


CONTROLLED MEANING: The number of robberies, murders, rapes, or other crimes by citizens, against citizens, during a specified time period. An accurate index of actual crime.

TRUE MEANING: As published, the "crime rate" is merely an index of police activity within the Law Enforcement Growth Industry. The actual rate of crime remains relatively unknown.

The more police, the more crime. The police and court  systems create "crime" where it doesn't really exist, thus making it appear that crime is on the increase. This, then, creates public mood for more "police protection" and higher taxes.

In theory, police are supposed to deter "crime," but statistics show otherwise. If police deterred crime then an increase in the number of cops should cause a decrease in crime and the size and number of prisons (detention centers). However, this dynamic actually works in reverse. Police growth produces crime and prison growth, a fact which leads one to suspect that prisons are basically an outgrowth of the police industry and the court system.

Police have little, if any, real effect upon actual crime except to possibly add to it through corrupt police departments and crooked cops. They create crime of their own through drug deals, blackmail, torture, falsifying reports, lying in court, harassing helpless citizens, and embezzling "contraband." Furthermore, a police state suppresses the natural tendency for people to own guns and protect themselves. Police are never present during the actual commission of a crime, and can only respond AFTER the crime has been completed. Even then, the percentage of crimes that get solved is pathetically low. Only the people, themselves, can lower the crime rate by personally protecting themselves and their property.


CONTROLLED MEANING: A group of people bound together by radical religious or political beliefs—usually under one leader who diverts them away from established religion and government.

ACTUAL MEANING: Any group (sect) that follows a particular set of beliefs or teaching. From the Latin word "colere" meaning "to cultivate (politics) or worship (religion)." It is not an inherently negative term, but it has become a negative buzz word used to discredit any group choosing independence from the established and accepted norms of the masses and the established powers.

Note: The general consensus of the masses ("conventional wisdom") is usually faulty — as is "the majority" in nearly every issue. Therefore, any group that offers a worthwhile public contribution to knowledge will almost certainly be what is usually called "a cult."



CHURCH MEANING: An appointed office of church government.

ACTUAL MEANING: From the Greek word DIACONOS, meaning "servant" or "minister." The New Testament word depicts not a church officer, but rather a person led to serve or minister. As with the word "elder" (which means "older") the church industry has twisted the Bible by changing the meaning of its words to fit their own needs.


CONTROLLED MEANING: A means to facilitate commerce through credit. The borrower is benefited in that he gets to buy the item/s sooner than if he waited until he could afford to pay cash. The seller is benefited in that the item/s sell faster since they can be purchased now, and financed by the bank.

ACTUAL MEANING: Liability or obligation created by borrowing.

"The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender." — Proverbs 22:7

Debtors are slaves to the lenders. This is exacerbated even further by the practice of usury. Lenders become richer, and borrowers become poorer.

Bankers have perfected a method of perpetuating debt, thus perpetuating their rule over the common people. That method is called "usury." Usury prevents debts from ever being settled, thus the people are kept forever in debt to the bankers.

The Babylonian/Jewish-style banking system turns lending into a tool to benefit the lender. Scripturally, lending is supposed to be an act of kindness ... to benefit the needy — not a usurious scheme to benefit an enterprising lender. Jews have historically been the premier money lenders and usurers due to the fact that they ignore Bible law and reject Christian ethics.

Scripture prohibits the practice of lending or borrowing for profit or business investment. Rather, biblical lending is a means to help a brother in need. God's law forbids a lender from oppressing a debtor to collect a debt. His law further declares that six years is the limit any debt may exist. A godly lender must be ready to forgive any debt that the borrower cannot afford to pay back, or which extends beyond "the year of release."


CHURCH MEANING: God and/or Jesus.

ACTUAL MEANING: A god (in any form). Deities are often mere men who were granted the status of "deity" by other men. Deified men sometimes claim to be the "embodiment" or "incarnation" (i.e., they are possessed by) supernatural gods.

In Greece and Rome, the emperors were deified at the time they took office. This practice was carried on by their successors: the Roman Catholic Church. The Pope, as the embodiment of Peter, carries the title "Emperor" and is worshipped in true deity custom. Also, since Rome had numerous gods and goddesses, the Church, not to be outdone, elevated Mary to "deity" to replace their mother goddess Juno, and the dead "saints" replaced the other Roman gods. The Church's appointment to sainthood was, in essence, a rite of deification. Thus, Mary and the "saints" (Peter, Andrew, Paul, etc.) are worshipped and prayed to as "deities."

The word "deity" comes from the Greek "Ζευς" [Dzeus], Δια [Dia], "Διος" [Dios], "Δις"[Deece) and the Latin "Deus" and "Dias." These words were loosely used to indicate "godship" or "divinity" — sometimes of mortal men. The pagans thought supernatural gods could "incarnate" (possess) human forms as revealed in Acts 14:11-12:

And when the people saw what Paul had done, they lifted up their voices, saying...The gods are come down to us in the likeness of men. And they called Barnabas Jupiter (Gk: "Zeus" – i.e., the Father); and Paul Mercurius (Gk: "Hermes" –i.e., the Son) because he was the chief speaker (Gk: " logos.")

"Incarnated" human deities were looked upon as two-in-one - i.e., supernatural gods and natural humans simultaneously. Thus, the term "deity" carries a connotation of "duality." This duality is clearly reflected in the root meaning: "two" ("deuce"; "dia" - see above). In Latin-based dialects, the numeral "dós" (two) and the word "dias" (diety) reflect the same Greek root words.

The Bible does NOT use the word "Diety" or any related word to refer to Jesus. In the churches Christ is called "Deity" in keeping with the traditional pagan superstitions depicting deities as dualities: simultaneously "god" and "man - two in one."


CONTROLLED MEANING: A form of government in which the highest power is vested in the citizens ("we the people"). The bastion of freedom and liberty throughout the world.

CORRECT DEFINITION: From the Greek "demos" (common people) and "kratos" (rule): thus, "rule by the common people." In a true democracy government would be ruled by the common people. This, however, is NOT what rules America. America is ruled by money powers (bankers) exercising power through politicians and judges. It is, in essence, a Plutocracy (rule by the rich).

America is not a real Democracy ... but if it were it would amount to "government by men" (as contrasted to government by God). "Democracy" is a term used by politicians to confuse and manipulate "the people" into practicing idolatry. The people are led to believe they, collectively, are god (i.e., they can create and/or change law - legislate) through voting and writing their congressmen. Thus, the people are deceived by "subtle" devils (Gen. 3:6) to think they can "become as God, knowing good and evil" (i.e., make their own laws instead of accepting God's laws).

This idolatry (self-worship) leads "the people" into bondage under an elite ruling class of sly, subtle serpents (bankers, politicians and priests) who claim to be "representatives" and protectors. The inherent problem is that these so-called "protectors of the public" always manipulate things to their own advantage.


CONTROLLED MEANING: Synonymous with "Satan." The supernatural arch-demon who fell from heaven, and now, with his legions of fallen angels (demons), reigns over the earth. He is God's arch-enemy, and he spoils God's plans for mankind by wielding his supernatural power over men.

Man has no power to match "The Devil." Therefore, we are helpless against his power — except when God chooses, periodically, to help us fight him. Mankind is generally under the control of this supernatural "spirit-being" who is immortal, omnipresent, and apparently a rival to God Himself.

BIBLICAL MEANING: In the King James Version of  The Old Testament the word "devil" is found four times — always in the plural (devils). Twice from the Hebrew word "shade," and twice from "saweer."

1. SHADE: One who rises up against you (with insolence).
2. SAWEER: A he-goat (related to mythological "satyr" - half man, half goat).

Neither of these definitions from the Old Testament indicate anything supernatural or angelic. "Shade" simply means someone (anyone) who wants to hurt you. "Saweer" is a reference to a goat-type idol of the pagans, and can indicate an insolent goat-type personality.

In the New Testament Greek, "devil" is "DIABOLOS": One who "thrusts through" (as with a sword) [DIA - through, and BOLOS - to thrust.]. There is nothing in this word to indicate a supernatural being or power.

A "diabolos" (a devil) is something, or someone, that intends to hurt or destroy you. A "devil" can be a person, an animal, a group, or an organization that seeks your harm. To find a supernatural "devil" in the Scriptures he must be read in by prejudice and presupposition on the part of translators and readers.


CONTROLLED DEFINITION: Unfair preference of one race of people over another ... with particular attention to white people (particularly Christians) favoring their own race.

PURPOSE: This term is used by people with criminal intent to discredit, intimidate and weaken Whites and Christians by labeling them bigots, extremists and hate mongers. Their intention is to disempower a whole class of people and block Christian influence in society.

CORRECT DEFINITION: Recognition of observable scientific distinctions between things, including people, plants, chemicals, laws, gods, etc.. All people, and all things, naturally "discriminate." Nature discriminates without apology. People, animals, plants and even minerals exercise preferences (discrimination) in their chemistries and their life cycles.

True discrimination is unavoidable, and life as we know it could not exist without it. It is the process of natural selection, as well as examination and choice. In Christians it is the process of weeding out error and facilitating growth and progress. It applies to all areas of endeavor.

Unfair and inaccurate discrimination is another thing altogether, and should be avoided.


CONTROLLED MEANING: Outmoded Old Testament beliefs, personal eccentricities and inflexible tenets which create differences between churches and destroy fellowship and unity.

CORRECT MEANING: Doctrine is a "teaching"; a principle; a studied belief. Sometimes called "dogma" (German for "doctrine"). II Timothy 3:16 says that Scripture is doctrine. Isaiah 29:24 says that the people who are in error will be able to understand the truth when they learn doctrine.

True doctrine is what is taught in the Bible. There are NO "non-essential" truths! None are expendable! None can be discarded or ignored! Truth stated as a teaching is doctrine. Without doctrine it is impossible to teach or arrive at an opinion. Discernment, judgment and correction require it.

Churches commonly adopt an "anti-doctrine" attitude: a symptom of ignorance and confusion. Some claim to have an aversion doctrine, or prefer neutrality concerning it. This is nonsense! Such a position, itself, is a doctrine. An anti-doctrine position exposes an ulterior antipathy for law, truth, learning and wisdom.

When a person learns true doctrine and then considers it non-essential and chooses to set it aside he develops chronic spiritual blindness. (II Thess 2:10-12)


CHURCH MEANING: Those of the tribe of Ephraim who drank too much wine and thus incurred the wrath of God.

CORRECT MEANING: Isaiah used the term "drunkards of Ephraim" primarily to refer to men addicted to "the wine of Babylon" (Rev. 17:2; 18:3) — not just alcoholic drink. The wine of Babylon dulls and perverts the spirit as fermented drink dulls and perverts the brain — thus the analogy. The rulers in Ephraim were drunk with greed, power and indulgence — traits acquired by emulating the Babylonish government models in the nations around them. The common people were also in a state of drunken confusion from years of complicity under Babylonish church and state to which they had passively acquiesced — turning them into cowards and slaves.

Today's counterparts to Isaiah's "drunkards of Ephraim" are:

1. Politicians, bureaucrats, and church leaders — drunk with greed and power — controlling and confusing the common people.

2. Common people who welcome spiritual inebriation in order to passively accept civil and religious criminals in central government.



CHURCH MEANING: An appointed officer of church leadership.

ACTUAL MEANING: Both the Hebrew and Greek words, translated "elder" in English Bibles, mean "old" or "aged" (i.e., "elderly"). The churches have changed the meaning of the words to fit their pagan structure. Jesus instituted ecclesias for the structure of society. But Jewish and Roman society structure was based upon centralized rulers. Christ's Kingdom has families and communities led by elders, but Babylonian/Roman society is ruled by clergy and politicians – a better scheme for centralization and control.

Biblical elders are the older respected men of a family, clan, or community. Their position is not by election or appointment, but rather by virtue of their years, wisdom and earned respect (as in Titus 1:5, "...establish elders in each city as I ordered you."). Men become elders by virtue of age and earned honor, not by church appointment.


CONTROLLED MEANING: Immortality. The status we achieve upon going to heaven or being resurrected.

CORRECT MEANING: An eon is an age. "Eonian" means "of the age" (any age). "Eonian life" (wrongly translated "eternal life" in the KJV Bible) is "the life (spirit)" we receive from Jesus that invigorates mortal bodies in this age (eon) (Rom. 8:11). It is also called "new birth," and "1st raising." "Eonian" does NOT mean "eternal." "Eternal" appears no where in the Greek text, and is a term adapted by the churches. The Bible speaks of mortality, immortality, life, death, and ages, but it does not speak of "eternal" life. Those words were mistranslated by the churches. "Eternal" actually does not mean "unending" as we've been told. (see "eternal life" - ATCD)


CHURCH MEANING: Timeless, unending life; without beginning or end. Life existing always, past, present, future ... before and beyond time itself. Life which cannot begin and cannot end. Infinite life incapable of not existing.

Life in the spirit realm, beyond mortal life. "Immortal, ever lasting life." Spirit is eternal. Also the "soul" is immortal and eternal. When man's mortal life ends, his eternal spirit (soul) continues living ... either in heaven, or in hell.

TRUE MEANING: "Eternal" is from the Latin aeternus ["age-term"] – literally, "term or duration of an age." "Eternity" is actually "an age" ... and an age is not forever. Ages have beginnings and ends. Thus, "eternal life" correctly means "age-term life."

"Eternal life" has been redefined by pagan theology. The Bible in its original Hebrew and Greek contains no such word. Furthermore, the concept of "timeless life" in this age can apply to only ONE being: Yahweh himself. All others were created and had beginnings, thus they cannot be called timelessness; without beginning or end.

God offers man a present spiritual life in Christ (called eonian life), and a future endless life (immortal life). But timelessness cannot apply to man. ONLY Yahweh is timeless.

The English word "eternal" was not only redefined as "timeless" by the churches, but also wrongly used by the KJV translators for six different Hebrew and Greek words — none of which mean "timeless." This has caused great confusion. The six Bible words, and their real meanings, are: 1. (Heb) qedem: the distant past; antiquity. 2. (Heb) olam: undetermined duration. 3. (Heb) ad: duration of time going backward to a beginning, or forward to an end. 4. (Gk) aidios: an extended duration. 5. (Gk) eon: an age. 6. (Gk) eonian: of an age.

"Eonian" means of the age" (eon = "age"). Churches have wrongly defined "eternal" (age term) and ignored the term "eonian" (of the age).  Thus, "eternal" and "eonian" were originally close in meaning.



CHURCH MEANING: Belief in the unknown. Acceptance of a teaching devoid of reason, logic and common sense.

ACTUAL MEANING: In the Bible, the word comes from the Greek "πιστις" (pis'-tis) which means persuasion; credence. The root word is "πειθω" (pi'-tho): to convince. Thus, faith comes from reasoning and logic; from being intelligently persuaded and convinced by a credible, proposition. Trusting the unknown is not "faith" - it is gambling.

Faith is: assurance of things expected; contemplation of things not yet in sight. —Hebrews 11:1


CONTROLLED MEANING: One who supports federal government and the union of the states in America.

CORRECT MEANING: In the first years of The United States as a nation, two political parties competed for control. One was "the Federalists" (sometimes called "Monarchists") led by Alexander Hamilton. They were in favor of centralized federal power over the states. The other was "the Democratic-Republicans" (sometimes called "Jeffersonians"). They preferred a weaker central government with a loose federation of the states retaining their independence and sovereignty. Many, like Patrick Henry, had opposed Alexander Hamilton's new constitution (and new government) from the beginning. They became known as "Anti-Federalists."

The Anti-Federalists were in favor of a FEDERATION of independent states (under the Articles of Confederation adopted in 1777) rather than the a new Federalist government where the states would lose their independence. The Anti-Federalists were unsuccessful against the Federalists. Washington and other powerful elitists sided with Hamilton, and the new Federalist government was created in Philadelphia in a secret convention in 1787.

The new constitution did not create a confederation. It destroyed the current confederation by creating a new central SUPERSTATE which swallowed up all the individual states and removed their independence. In the 1860's, the Southern States (The Confederate States) attempted to reclaim their independence resulting in The War Between The States (i.e, The Civil War) but their defeat by the powers of "The Union" proved that the states had indeed lost their independence.


CONTROLLED MEANING: To meet together and visit with friends.

BIBLE MEANING: In Scripture, "fellowship" comes from the Greek word "KOINONIA" (to be in common with – to share in strife and/or blessings - etc. ). It is usually translated "fellowship" or "communion." To have "fellowship" is to share in common experiences – for instance, the same work, the same enemies, the same hardships, successes, etc. "Fellowship in Christ" means to share in Christ's battles and in His goals for the kingdom.

"That I may know him and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death;" —Philippians 3:10


CONTROLLED MEANING: To ignore or overlook someone's sin. To forget a sin or a crime. Christians must forgive one another all past sins.

When a sinner repents and becomes a Christian his past sins are forgiven and forgotten as if he had never sinned.

TRUE MEANING: To grant or "give" release of a debt. There is no case for forgiveness unless there is first a debt. To "forgive" one who is not in your debt, as churchgoers are taught to do, is a meaningless gesture. Unless one has hurt or damaged you, and incurred a debt to you, you have no debt to forgive. A sinner can be forgiven only by whom ever he has sinned against. A sinner must seek forgiveness from the one/s he has hurt.

If our debtor seeks our forgiveness, we are commanded to forgive, as God forgives our debts when we ask Him. Forgiving a debt, however, does not erase all memory of the past sin. A man of God remembers his past debts and learns from them so he does not repeat them in the future.

Some sins leave scars that do not go away even though the sins are healed. For instance, drug abuse can damage one's health and mind even after he has repented from the habit.


CONTROLLED MEANING: The result of living under the protection and oversight of democratic constitutional government in which people have the right to vote. Majority rule expressed through government. The privilege to participate in choosing who rules.

TRUE MEANING: To owe no debt or obligation to any man or institution of men, except that which is owed to all men — i.e., to respect their freedom equally with your own. "Owe no man anything, but to love one another: for he that loves another has fulfilled the law." — Rom 13:8.

One man's freedom ends at the point it intrudes upon another man's freedom.

 Freedom begins with a concept — a state of mind. The mind, once freed, then goes on to pursue physical freedom as well. In John 8:32, Jesus states: "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." Freedom comes from truth, and cannot come from central government — itself being a fraud, and its methods primarily lies, tricks, and deceit.

Freedom for man is expressed perfectly in God's law as it sets guidelines to protect one's own freedom without violating the freedom of others. God, by teaching us His law (truth), gave us the means for freedom. Jesus reiterated it. Truth  leads us towards freedom and away from slavery.

Freedom, like truth, is not inherited. It must be learned and preserved by each generation. The pursuit of truth, freedom and happiness is every man's birthright and individual responsibility. It cannot be transferred or deferred to another or to a government. People who don't accept individual responsibility, and won't strive for their own freedom, are known as slaves.


CONTROLLED MEANING: Uncontrolled dissemination of important information to the public

TRUE MEANING: The "Press" as we know it is not free. The Press is owned and controlled by a handful of powerful men and corporations. Their agenda is to control what the public knows and thinks, cover up government crimes, and suppress public dissention. A method to blackout, censor and control information.


CONTROLLED MEANING: Anyone of your acquaintance who is nice to you.

TRUE MEANING: From the German "freund": to love in the sense of a kinsman. Allied to "free," hence applied to those of the household who are kinsmen and not slaves.

A "friend" is more than an "acquaintance." A "friend" is one with whom there is mutual love, respect, and kinship (genetically and/or spiritually). A true friend must be someone who has been proven. A mere acquaintance may not be a "friend."

Heartache and confusion result from treating acquaintances as if they are automatically friends. It is improper to bestow the respect and trust reserved for a friend upon a mere acquaintance, for to do so cheapens that trust and diminishes the meaning of friendship.

One may have many acquaintances but only a few "friends." The ability to recognize a friend requires spiritual insight. Finding a true friend is like finding a treasure. One who is incapable of discriminating between friends and acquaintances are likely to trust non-friends while true friends are ignored and unappreciated.

Friendship, as well as the ability to recognize it, is a gift from God. This gift an outgrowth of "eonian life" coming from Christ.



CONTROLLED MEANING: Homosexual; an alternate viable lifestyle. Some people are born homosexual and this is perfectly natural.

TRUE MEANING: Sodomite or Queer. The Bible calls this type of sexual deviation an abomination: Lev 18:22, Rom 1:27, 1 Cor 6:9. The term "gay" (actually meaning happy and carefree) was twisted and misused in the last decades of the 20th century in an attempt to nullify the moral stigma associated with the terms "sodomite" or "queer."


CONTROLLED MEANING: Anyone who is not a Jew and thus a potential "anti-Semite."

CORRECT DEFINITION: From the Latin word "gentilis," meaning "of the same gens, clan or race." The word "gentile" is not a Bible word, and was injected into the English translation by church hirelings. In the English Bible, the word "gentile" appears as a mistranslation of the Hebrew word "goy," and the Greek word "ethnos"– both meaning "NATION OR PEOPLE" (ANY nation or people) and should have been translated thus. It does not mean "non-Israelite," nor does it mean "non-Jewish!"


CHURCH MEANING: The name of the Christian Deity. The "Trinity;" composed of three persons: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

CORRECT MEANING: From the Anglo-Saxon "god," "gott," and Old Teutonic "gudo" meaning 'THAT WHICH IS INVOKED" (anything called upon; i.e.. venerated). The word "god" is a TITLE, not a name, although it has been mishandled by translators and churches that for centuries have used it as a name.

English Bible translators used the word "god" to render the Hebrew "EL" and "ELOHIM" [mighty one/s], and the Greek "THEOS." A "mighty one" is anyone with great power. A "god" is anyone who is venerated and held high above the common people. These terms in the bible apply to both natural and supernatural personalities — i.e.. Yahweh, Jesus, Moses, judges, kings, Roman Emperors, pagan idols, Greek mythological characters, etc.

A "god" makes laws. A nation's lawmakers are its gods. Christians are commanded to have no LAWMAKER (god) before Yahweh.


CHURCH MEANING: God changed Himself into flesh and became Jesus.

ACTUAL MEANING: "To manifest" means: to show; to explain. Therefore, to say that "God manifested Himself in the flesh" is to say that explained Himself through a man (Jesus) thus He showed Himself to the world. Yahweh projected Himself through Jesus somewhat like a camera projects a picture signal through a TV screen. The picture on the TV screen is a manifestation of the object in the TV studio miles away. The two points of reference (the object before the camera, and the image on the TV screen) are distinct from one another. One is a manifestation of the other, and both exist simultaneously and separately.

Yahweh did not convert Himself into a mortal man. Nor did He insert His "spirit" ("incarnate") into a flesh body. Jesus is NOT just an alternate name for Yahweh. If that had been the case, then there would not have been a distinct Son, Jesus. Instead, He would have been Yahweh incognito. The Bible teaches that Jesus came in the flesh, NOT that Yahweh came in the flesh.

Jesus was the screen upon which Yahweh projected Himself. They are TWO distinct beings; one reflecting the other. The special way in which Yahweh put qualities and attributes of Himself into His Son made Jesus qualified to be called "the express image of God."

If Jesus had been Yahweh Himself, He could not have died … because Yahweh cannot die. If Jesus did not die then He could not have been raised; and if He was not raised we are lost (1 Cor. 15:12-17).

Yahweh does not change (Mal. 3:6). He used the life of Jesus through which He expressed and manifested Himself to mankind. Jesus was a living epistle sent from God. Yahweh manifested Himself in Jesus the same way Jesus manifested Himself in us: "...that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our mortal flesh." (2 Cor. 4:11)


CONTROLLED MEANING: A parting expression for polite company. Normally means, "I'm leaving, or "I'll see you later."

CORRECT MEANING: An old English contraction of "God be with ye" (God be w'ye). It is obviously a Christian salute or farewell wish of blessing from God. The idea being that "if God be with you, you will do well."


CONTROLLED MEANING: The body of politicians that rules over states and nations. The sovereign, central ruling power. Governments are required for civil society among men.

CORRECT MEANING: The exercise of restraint or regulation – as in "Self-Government." Government, itself, is not an institution. The state or nation is the institution, and "Government" is only the application of its laws of charter. Christian government is the act of shepherding, overseeing, ministering.

The concept of "government" as a ruling institution is purely pagan. It is based upon the heathen premise that Man is God.

Men are not rightly "lawmakers," "rulers" or "lords" (Jms 4:12 & I Pet 5:1-3). Pagan central rulership is very different from Christian leadership.

"But Jesus called them to him, and said to them, 'You know that they which are accounted to rule over the Heathen exercise lordship over them (pagan government);. . . But so shall it not be among you: but whosoever will be great among you, shall be your minister (Christian government). And whosoever of you will be the chiefest, shall be servant of all for even the Son of man came not to be ministered to, but to minister,. . .'." (Mark 10:42-45)


CHURCH MEANING: Freedom from, and replacement for, law; impunity from sin and judgment.

TRUE MEANING: From the Greek "CHARIS" which means "pleasing circumstance," "approval," "gladness," "cause for joy." It expresses the gladness of knowing God's kindness and forgiveness.

Grace does not replace law. Without law there would be no need for grace. The formula is this: a) Sin is the breaking of God's law; b) Grace is the remedy for sin. c) Therefore, without law there is no sin, and without sin there is no need for God's grace. Grace results in man obeying God by choice and with gladness rather than by force and coercion.


CONTROLLED MEANING: Government regulation of guns for the safety of the public. Guns are unnecessary, dangerous and they create criminals and crime. The people are apt to hurt themselves with guns. Therefore, the government must control and/or eliminate private gun ownership, which will, in turn, control and/or eliminate danger and crime. The public is safer and happier when no one has guns except the government.

TRUE MEANING: Forced pacification of the people by removing their last means of self-defense, thus making us helpless against crime as well as government tyranny and plunder. "Gun control" is an Orwellian term which actually means "disarm the citizens." Its intent is to protect government against dissent – insuring that government power and abuse cannot be seriously challenged.

Guns are not dangerous unless they are misused — the same as knives, cars, chain saws, and electricity. The difference with guns is that they are highly efficient tools for self-defense. Thus, the government's motive is not to protect citizens from harm, but to eliminate their ability to protect themselves. The government's motive is to protect itself — not the people.

A gun is an "equalizer." It gives "the small guy" the means to defend himself against "the big guy." Thus, a gun can provide protection against bullies and crooks. The truth is that guns in the hands of private citizens are dangerous ONLY to criminals (including those in government)! Criminals (including politicians and bankers) naturally fear guns in the hands of their potential victims. That is why politicians don't want anyone, other than themselves and their hirelings (police), to have guns.

The politicians and bankers that want private citizens disarmed, and claim that guns are more dangerous than they are helpful, spend big money to hire armed body guards to use guns to protect them. Governments are the biggest gun dealers in the world, selling millions of guns, planes and bombs to bands of outlaws/armies in other countries.

The US Government wants the American public disarmed and reliant upon police for protection. This leads to larger police forces, more government, and, higher taxes. A disarmed citizenry with a large, well-armed, government police force, guarantees incontestable government tyranny over its people.

First comes mandatory gun registration. Next comes licensing the carrier. Then tighter and tighter restrictions. Finally, it becomes so difficult and risky to own or carry a gun that most people will just give up trying. Inevitably, the threat of police reprisal is greater than the threat of common street crime. Thus, in a police state, the police are the greatest public menace.

The only "gun control" that makes sense is: "HITTING THE TARGET EVERY TIME."



CONTROLLED MEANING: Rejection or dislike of someone because of race, sexual orientation, religion, bigotry and prejudice. Hate and intolerance should not be tolerated.

RIGHT MEANING: To reject by reason of judgment, selection, or preference. The crusade against "hate crime," so-called, is merely and attempt to prevent scrutiny of criminal and/or aberrant behavior.

Christians hate the things God hates:

"Do not I hate them , 0 Lord, that hate thee ? ... I hate them with a perfect hatred: I count them my enemies." (Ps. 139:21-22)

"To respect Yahweh is to hate evil" (Prov. 8:13).

"... a time to love, and a time to hate; ..." (Ecc. 3:1, 8).

"Hate the evil, love the good, and establish justice in the gate..." (Amos 5:15).

The wicked do not "abhor (hate)" evil (Ps 36:4).

"But this you have, that you hate the deeds of the Nicolaitanes, which I also hate" (Rev. 2:6).

"Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor (hate) that which is wicked; hold to that which is good" (Rom. 12:9).

We cannot love Yahweh without hating the things He hates. "Hate" is not a crime. Hate is a prerequisite to be able to LOVE, for love is meaningless unless it is by choice or preference. If love is a choice, then it is of necessity a rejection of that which is not loved. Love, on one hand, means rejection on the other hand. By Bible definition, that which is rejected is "hated."


CHURCH DEFINITION: A literal place somewhere in outer space where good people go to live when they are dead. The location where Jesus lives until He can return to Earth and rapture a select few people to take back to heaven. A city is there which has gates literally made of pearls, streets of transparent gold and walls of sapphires, emeralds, topaz, jasper and other precious stones. The devil came from there, but he sinned and now he cannot go back.

CORRECT DEFINITION: Usually plural ("heavens") in the Greek, meaning "high places" - in terms of: 1. Elevation, or 2. Power and authority (jurisdiction). Related to the word "heave" in the sense of upward movement. In the Bible "heaven" symbolizes "God's government" (the highest authority); it is government by Jesus whose purity and righteousness is symbolized by pure and precious stones, and whose authority is from "on high."

The outer-space "Heaven" of pagan mythology, along with numerous other pagan myths, were adopted by the churches … and re-labeled "Christian." These pagan myths have been blended with Bible terms and employed by the churches as a "flood" of lies issued out the mouth of "the Dragon" (Beast System) as per Bible prophecy (Rev. 12:16).


MYTHOLOGICAL MEANING: Satan's literal kingdom somewhere "under the earth" where dead people go if they haven't been saved. There the dead live forever in endless fire and torment. God sends all people, with the exception of a few churchgoers, to suffer there forever.

INTENT: The threat of a "burning hell" is used to terrorize people and coerce them to join churches as the only method of escaping it. In this way the masses are brought under the subjection of antichrist priestcraft.

BIBLICAL MEANING: "Hell" is the grave; any grave or pit where dead bodies are buried. Figuratively it can refer to the state of death.

"Helling" is an old English term meaning "to cover," "hide" or "conceal" … as in "helling potatoes" (covering them in a cellar for the winter). Another form of the word is "hall" … a place covered by a roof.

Anyone who dies and is buried is in "hell."


MODERN DEFINITION: A man in the leading role of a movie. A person idolized because of beauty, popularity, monetary success, or entertainment characteristics (usually a rock star, movie star, sports star, or political celebrity)

CORRECT DEFINITION: A champion: defender of the right. A person with courage who has risked his own life to save or rescue another, or has been tested and proven to be a godly role model for strength and endurance. One whose reputation sets a noble standard for all.


CONTROLLED MEANING: Public roads built for the good of the people and the land. Highways provide convenience and enjoyment for the public, as well as the means for exchange of commerce and industry.

CORRECT MEANING: While highways appear to be a blessing, their purpose historically has been to facilitate military control of the land. Their secondary purpose is to facilitate and control commerce. Highways serve to transport and disperse military troops and police for quick response in controlling a nation.

The Romans developed a network of paved roads for the rapid movement of troops. Roads in the ancient world was evidence of the existence of an authoritarian regime; in fact, the construction of long-distance roads, with their military significance, is the function of any strong central government A road system implies central government over a wide area with power to command labour. The most spectacular road developments in the 19th century were 'in France, under Napoleon, and in the 20th century under Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. — (Enc. Britannica, 1958)


CONTROLLED MEANING: The imprisonment, murder and burning of six-million Jews by the German Nazis in World War II.

INTENT: A Zionist propaganda term used to create a sense of guilt among non-Jews, and to promote indebtedness to, and sympathy for, all Jews. A form of psychological blackmail (brainwashing), especially among churchgoers to reduce or prevent thoughts or actions against Zionist Israelis and the oppressive state of Israel — thus, granting them carte blanche to kill the Palestinians with impunity, financially bleed Germany and America, foment war and terrorism internationally, and morally corrupt the world.

TRUE MEANING: "Holocaust" comes from two Greek words: holos, meaning "whole" and kaustos, meaning "burnt." According to Webster's 1828 Dictionary, the word originally meant "A burnt-sacrifice or offering, the whole of which was consumed by fire." The term is used in the Bible to indicate "whole burnt offerings to God" (Heb 10:6). Notice that a "holocaust" is not just anything burnt, but AN OFFERING burnt. Thus, the Zionist are claiming "six-million burnt offerings."

The fact that the Zionists chose to use the word "holocaust" adds to the indication that the so-called "six-million" number is fictitious. After the collapse of the Soviet Union official statistics were released to the world showing that the "six million" number claimed by the Zionists was completely inaccurate. The official number was reduced to under two million ... and that not due to gassing and burning in ovens, but mostly due to outbreaks of disease, starvation and depravation caused by the hardships inflicted on Germany toward the end of the war. Yet, in Zionist propaganda the original figure of "six million" is still claimed along with their claims of Nazi intent to kill all Jews.

In fact, the majority of the Holocaust myth comes from the pens of the Zionist propagandists. While the oppression and torture of people (any people, including Jews, Arabs, or Germans) seems to be the nature of war, and is totally offensive to God and anyone with moral sensibility, nonetheless the use of lies and propaganda for political manipulation is the accepted and universally-used method of war mongers bent upon conquering and oppressing people and nations. In this regard, the most guilty of propagating this lie are the Zionist churches in America which claim to be Christian but are not.


CONTROLLED MEANING: The third person of the Holy Trinity. God the Spirit. A spirit-being who can enter and/or leave your body.

CORRECT MEANING: "Spirit" is "motivation"; "disposition." "Holy" means "separate." "Holy spirit" is godly motivation or inspiration to SEPARATE from typical, worldly lifestyle and become a sanctified people unto God. Holy spirit is not a person. It is a motivation and inspiration from God that compels men toward godliness.


CONTROLLED MEANING: War waged by maniacal fanatics without regard for rules and restraints. Unreasonable war.

CORRECT MEANING: There are two basic kinds of war: 1. Economic 2. Ideological. Economic wars have to do with bankers and money. Ideological (holy) wars are fought over convictions and principles. Curiously, the public has been programmed to disapprove wars fought over convictions … and to approve wars fought for financial reasons. "Holy war" is usually a media term used to discredit any war that is waged in disregard to the war rules dictated by international bankers (plutocrats) for their own financial gain.

Economic wars are created behind the scenes by international bankers and are considered acceptable by the public. To understand this type of warfare we can compare it to the world of professional sports. The teams are the opposing governments. The owners who control the teams are the international plutocrats who direct the war games for their own profit. The league is the realm of the plutocrats' domain. The team owners' association which dictates league rules equate to the conspiracy of international plutocrats who make war rules via international conventions and treaties. Any team that refuses to follow the rules of the league is kicked out of the league and boycotted in order to destroy it financially. The game entails internal skirmishes or competitions on the field of financial rules. One team can force another team into bankruptcy by bombing their cities and destroying their commerce, or by forcing them to over spend for defense in a protracted war. This fierce competition continues until one gains economic superiority over the other. This brand of sanctioned competition is the accepted "civilized" warfare that we have come to revere in America.

Ideological wars (i.e., holy wars), on the other hand, are waged for ideological reasons (i.e., principles and convictions) rather than for the sake of money. Ideologues (called "maniacs" by the media) fight for principle rather than for gain. Whether the principle is right or wrong is not important to the plutocrats (bankers) who run the world. To them, ideology is an inappropriate motive for war. To bankers, money and power are the only acceptable motives for war.

Holy wars are not preferred by the international bankers because ideologues are hard to blackmail and manipulate. Ironically, however, the public is programmed to fight for gain, and not for principle. "Holy wars" are condemned by the international rule makers and are, thus, banned through conventions and treaties. Anyone waging "unconventional war" may find himself the victim of an "International Peace Offensive."

Those who wage "holy wars" are called "barbarians" and "terrorists" because they ignore the financial interests of the plutocrats. These are called "barbarians" and "terrorists" because they dare to act outside of "the rules."



CONTROLLED MEANING: A wooden or metallic statue worshipped by people. A primitive form of worship in which people had the undeveloped religious idea that statues could be gods.

CORRECT MEANING: Anything worshipped or idolized. It can be a statue, a person, or even a concept. However, contrary to common thought, "idols" are almost never the direct objects of worship, but rather a symbol through which a "god" is referenced. Idols symbolize pagan concepts of gods whose chosen way to reach the people is through statues, icons, relics, etc..


CHURCH MEANING: The worship of statues, or stone, metal and wooden monuments

ACTUAL MEANING: Putting other lawmakers and law systems in place of Yahweh and His law system.

The "god" of a society is determined by who, or what, creates its laws. The god of the United States is its Congress. It creates law and holds supreme claim to that power via the Constitution.

God's word establishes Yahweh as the only rightful Lawmaker. His laws are recorded in Scripture. He reserved to Himself alone the right to make law. He commanded us to have no other gods (lawmakers) in place of Him. Alternative lawmakers, or systems of law, are forms of idolatry.

The U.S. Government is the greatest idolatry of the ages. The Constitution is its charter. Capitol Hill is its temple. Politicians (lawyers) are its scribes and ministers. The black-robed judges are its chief priests. International bankers are its trustees (owners)


CHURCH MEANING: The life essence, or spirit, that inhabits and animates the flesh body of man. The body is merely an envelop (container) for the soul. The soul of man is immortal. It cannot die. Therefore, when the flesh body (envelop) dies the invisible soul (the true life essence) exits the body and continues separately ... either in heaven, or in hell. Upon separation from the body, saved souls fly to heaven, and unsaved souls descend to hell. The soul's immortal fate is determined during its transient time of occupation in a physical body, ... whether it will exist forever in bliss or forever in torment.

ACTUAL MEANING: Men do not have "immortal souls." Men are MORTAL. The teaching and doctrine "the immortal soul" is heathen myth. It undermines all scripture. Man cannot be "raised" from the dead if he is already immortal and cannot die.

A "soul" (Hbr: NEPHESH; Gk. PSUCHE) is a physical creature that breathes air. All manner of animals, as well as man, are "souls" (they don't have souls; they ARE souls). The Hebrew Old Testament tells plainly that man was made a "living soul" (Gen. 2:7, I Cor. 15:45). Creatures on land, in water, and in the air are "living souls" (Gen. 1:20, 21, 24). Ezekiel 18:4 states clearly that souls die.

The doctrine of The Immortal Soul is a pagan attempt to make man inherently immortal, like God. Some advocates believe the soul exists before birth. All advocates believe that it continues to live, without interruption, after death. It presents the soul — and thus the actual person — as having no beginning, and no end … the same attributes as God. This doctrine is the basis for the majority of false teachings and doctrinal errors of the churches.


CONTROLLED MEANING: A contract not written or signed, but existing by tacit understanding of the parties, and reasonably inferred by their participation. Like any other contract, implied contracts, in order to be binding, must be entered into voluntarily.

ACTUAL USAGE: In today's system, the government assumes jurisdiction over people by simply declaring them under an implied contract to perform. Charges, by the state against a citizen, are based upon the assumption that the citizen is already under contract — and therefore he is considered bound until proven otherwise. Thus, the unwitting citizen doesn't know how to proceed in his own defense because he doesn't understand the charges.

State and Federal agencies, bureaus, and departments have drawn citizens into contracts to receive "benefits," "grants," and "protections." After a number of citizens willingly accept explicit contracts, the government just treats all the rest of the people as if they have also given their tacit approval through "implied acceptance." The implication is assumed through something as simple as voluntary participation on other levels — such as voting, or using public utilities. Thus, everyone is assumed to be in contract to the government, and thus under contract law "by implication" — with no consideration for individual rights.


CHURCH MEANING: An expression used at the end of prayers to induce God's approval and to make sure Jesus is not excluded.

CORRECT MEANING: An idiomatic expression meaning, "by the authority of Jesus." To do something "in the name of Jesus" is to declare that your actions have the authority and approval of Jesus. Praying in Jesus' name is not just adding a phrase to the end of a prayer, but rather subordinating your requests to His will and authority.


CONTROLLED MEANING: A portion of citizens' earnings paid to the government to fund its operation. Without such contributions, government would not be able to exist or provide adequate protection and services to its citizenry. The function of the I.R.S. is to help citizens calculate the correct amount of their contributions and to catch and punish tax cheats who attempt to evade paying their fair share and making it harder on the honest taxpayers.

CORRECT MEANING: An oppressive, invasive device of central government used to intimidate, punish and control its subjects (the people), redistribute wealth, and confiscate private property.

Income taxes do not finance the central government, for it has access to all the funds it needs through creation by the Treasury and/or borrowing (without any intention of repaying) from the FED.

The actual function of the I.R.S. is to gather information on the private activities of the subjects of central government, intimidate them into obedience, steal their property, harass them, subjugate them and destroy (if necessary) any uncooperative chattel (cattle - i.e.. citizens).


CONTROLLED MEANING: Higher prices, lower wages and devalued money. The cause is nearly impossible to pinpoint. Increased amount of currency in circulation, thus making the existing currency less valuable.

CORRECT DEFINITION: True inflation is caused by issuing more money than is needed to settle all debts and facilitate a sound economy. In reality it cannot happen under America's Federal Reserve System where every Fed Note issued is a debt to the Federal Reserve Bank. The FED does not create "money" per se; it creates debt. This makes it impossible for the FED to create true inflation. Furthermore, when you add usury on top of the original debt it makes it impossible to ever have enough money in circulation to settle debts. Thus we have debt buildup, not money buildup.

Today, we are often told we are suffering from too much money in circulation. The truth is America suffers from too much debt … not too much money. That is as the bankers have designed it to keep the public in debt and perpetually dependent upon them for loans.

The official definition of inflation is: "Too much money chasing too few goods." In other words, an over-supply of currency in circulation which causes over-bidding in the market place (more buyers than sellers), thus bidding up the prices. This would put too much money in the hands of the public, causing the market to be depleted of produce until prices raise enough to once again discourage buying, or until the money supply is depleted. This has never happened in America.

Inflation is a rare economic disorder that very rarely happens. When it does happen, it is usually a ploy by banks and governments to import counterfeit money into another country to debauch its currency and overthrow its government.

This is not a current danger in spite of half-baked predictions of so-called economists. America, and all other centrally governed nations, suffer from A LACK OF CURRENCY (depression), not too much currency (inflation). The cardinal rule of central banking is to keep the money supply low enough so that people remain dependant upon bank loans to keep themselves afloat. A sufficient supply of currency would undo the power of central banks and central governments.


CHURCH MEANING: A religious movement based on racial theology. Members believe the Jews are the spawn of the Devil, and White people are spawned from God making them genetically worthy of salvation. The Devil thwarts White people by compelling them to interbreed with non-Whites, breaking their genetic affinity with God and blocking their access to salvation.

There are doctrinal disagreements within the general movement, but the central doctrine which all seem to accept is that White people are the descendants of Israel – the sole object of God's interest on Earth.

TRUE MEANING: A loosely-affiliated group of churches purporting to be the remnant of the true Israelites. Much of Identity theology has come from the teachings of British lsraelism – imported to America from Britain, based upon Aryan racial superiority and rule.

Identity churches have taken a historical fact (that the Israel race corresponds to the Anglo-Saxon-type Europeans, and not the Asiatic and Mediterranean Jews) and turned it into a doctrine of "salvation by race" in order to recruit racists into churches. They blend this with their own mainline church baggage they bring with them, producing varied hybrid "gospels." Thus, today we see Baptist Identity, Church of Christ Identity, Charismatic Identity, Seventh-Day Adventist Identity, Holy Name Identity , etc. – all corralled, churched, and derailed from their quest of liberty and truth. They teach that Jesus will return to Earth in the future to make them kings over the nations of the Earth to rule with a rod of iron (an old ploy for pacifying a populace with visions of future retribution ... adaptable to fit each individual's whim).

The ideology has been swallowed up by the churches and become another branch of mainline churchianity with the typical negative functions of a church. It is simply another tool to corral those who may try to break free of centralized mind control. Followers are drawn to popular central personalities (preachers) who play the role of pied pipers, each leading his herd in predetermined circles ... making them confused and ineffective.

The church "appeal" is the most subtle "line" of Beast propaganda in the field (world). Thus, Identity churches mesmerize and re-program people into a church-herd mentality. They accomplish this by ostensibly agreeing with some revolutionary concept about government or society while covertly rehabilitating people back into the irresponsible church mold.

Joining a church is wrong, and the label "Identity" is unnecessary. We seek Truth and follow The Way of Christ. We need no labels. Labels like "Identity' are used by the media and government agencies to pigeon-hole, vilify and control people. We are Christians who know the truth of our identity – along with other truths! Racial identity awareness is good, if it is accurate. However, Identity churches borrow this truth to bait people into their damnable churches to confuse and control them with theological subterfuge.

Jesus instituted free ecclesian communities, not churches! Church builders borrow one truth to sell ten lies. Don't get seduced by them! Beware of buzz-word labels created by the media and churches. We are called to be "separate" and free, not corralled and conquered. The Beast System uses churches to subdue potential enemies.



CONTROLLED MEANING: An Israelite. The seed of Abraham. The Chosen People of the Bible. One who practices the religion of the Old Testament, which is called Judaism. Jews are perpetually persecuted by all other people on earth. God judges the nations primarily by measuring each nation's relationship with the Jews. God blesses the nations that support the Jews, but He curses the nations that do not. The Christian faith owes its existence to the Jewish culture from whence Jesus and his religion originated.

INTENT: To prejudice Bible-ignorant Churchgoers into passively granting the Jews a carte-blanche to do anything they please in the world of religion and politics; to exempt Jews from normal scrutiny and criticism.

TRUE MEANING: The word "Jew" is not in the Bible in its original form. The word "Jew" did not appear in actual use until over 1000 years after the crucifixion of Jesus. The word incorrectly translated "Jew" in the Bible is: in Hebrew, "Judah" or "Judahite" (a member of the tribe of Judah). In Greek, "Judean" (a resident of Judea or a practicer of Judean religion).

In modern usage, a "Jew" is someone who adheres to the religion of Judaism (Pharisaism), or in some way considers himself a part of "Jewish culture." Being Jewish is not a racial distinction. "Jews" are a racially mixed people due to multi-national affinity and interracial marriage, as well as their contemporary international bias. Down through the ages, they've migrated from nation to nation as they were rejected (mostly due to their immoral religion) by every country they've infested. Over 90% of "Jews" today are descended from the ancient Khazars — a non-Semitic people from East Europe. It is estimated that, of those who claim to be "Jews," less than 5% have a claim to any percentage of the blood line of Abraham.

In our English translations of the Bible, the word "Jew" was incorrectly used to replace:

1. "Judahite" in the Old Scriptures, which referred to someone from the tribe of Judah, or a citizen of the land of Judah, and
2. "Judean" in the New Scriptures which meant a resident of Judea, or a follower of the Pharisaic/Persian religion of Jerusalem of that day.


CONTROLLED MEANING: The religion of Jesus which grew out of Judaism at the time of the early church. Both Christianity and Judaism have the same origins and the same God.

ACTUAL MEANING: The religious system of Persian Judaism (Zoroastrianism) amalgamated with church terms, and called "Christian" … but is more closely related to Mithraism. A religion created for the purpose of destroying true Christianity by twisting and perverting Scripture. The result of centuries of mixing Judaism, Romanism, Mithraism, and old European paganism, continually adapting these heathen concepts to Bible terms and doctrines. The latest "ism" to adulterate contemporary Bible understanding is "Zionism": the support of the state of Israel in Palestine and its nefarious political/religious agenda.

(NOTE: "Judeo-Christianity" is an oxymoron: a word combining two opposite things or ideas which are mutually exclusive, thus defying logic.)


CONTROLLED MEANING: To be critical; to test or belittle. It is wrong to judge another person, for to do so is to suggest that you are perfect. ("Judge not, that you be not judged" Matt. 7:1).

BIBLE MEANING: In scripture the word "judge" is used three ways: 1) to lead or reform: "And Samuel judged Israel all the days of his life." (1Sam. 7:15); 2) to condemn: "When he shall be judged, let him be condemned: and let his prayer become sin" (Ps. 109:7); 3) to test or evaluate: "... call on the Father, who without respect of persons judges according to every man's work,... (1Pet. 1:17).

To "judge" is to exercise "judgment." To not exercise "judgment" is to be irresponsible. (... judge righteous judgment. [John 7:24]).

As children of God we have no choice but to judge. We must judge everything, even men's spirits (... test (judge) the spirits whether they are of God: I Jn. 4:1). It is our duty to "judge" between right and wrong, and choose what is right.

It is ludicrous to suggest (as the churches do) that it is wrong to judge. Such a statement denies the enmity between good and evil; clean and unclean. It alleges that all things are equally acceptable regardless of their nature. That is lawlessness.

"See, I have set before thee this day life and good, and death and evil; ...therefore CHOOSE (judge in favor of) life, that both you and your seed may live." (Dt. 30:15, 19)


CONTROLLED MEANING: A body of people impaneled to hear a case in court and render a verdict on it. The jury is a Godly institution, necessary to balance the power of the courts and maintain freedom in society.

CORRECT MEANING: The jury is a creation of man's system – not God's. It is designed to take the heat off the court system by sharing the guilt for its cruelty and sin. Nowhere in the Bible is there instruction from God telling us to have an adversarial court system with lawyers, a god-like judge and a panel of "peers" to hear arguments. God's instruction to man was to set up honest, responsible JUDGES and ELDERS to judge cases at law.

"Judges and officials (elders) shall you arrange in all your gates (courts) which the LORD your God gives you, throughout your tribes: and they shall judge the people with just judgment." (Deuteronomy 16:18)

The jury is hailed as a great and godly institution by many – with power to create and/or annul law – just like the legislature. Thus, the jury's intent is to enforce man's law and usurp the position of God – just like legislators.

Not only is the jury without foundation in the Word of God, it is in fact a puppet of the court. The jury is created by the court, selectively chosen and impaneled by the court, authorized by the court, threatened and controlled by the court, instructed by the court on how to view evidence, prevented by the court from using common sense, not allowed by the court to consider the law of the case ... and when the court is through using it for its own purposes, it is then dismissed by the court – all under the delusion of being a free, sovereign jury.

Juries do the bidding of the courts – convicting innocent people routinely. Anyone who relies upon the jury to stand up to the court and uphold truth and justice is in for a sad surprise. The only advantage of the jury is in that rare instance when a man who still has a brain and can think for himself manages to slip through the tests designed to eliminate him from sitting on the jury, and manages to hang the jury (by refusing to vote like the rest). This can trip up the court. It isn't a cure, but it makes you feel better.


CONTROLLED MEANING: A jury consisting of people of the same civil rank or standing as the person on trial.

TRUE MEANING: People carefully hand-picked to favor the government and oppose the defendant. Usually, housewives or men without jobs. Often non-professional, uneducated people who's contact with the world is through their TV. People who feel privileged to sit in judgment and do what they are told by the judge.



CONTROLLED MEANING: An absolute ruler over a people or nation. The supreme sovereign who owns the entire land and has power to make his own laws and command the people.

CORRECT MEANING: From Teutonic origin (cynn) having to do with race, or "kin." It has come to be associated with a sovereign ruler, but it didn't carry that meaning originally — i.e., as used in the Bible. A "king" was the preeminent male of a tribe, or the "anointed one" recognized jointly by a family of tribes. He was the highest leader among a "kin" (a family or clan).

Originally, a king was a leader … not a ruler. He was patriarch of a tribe. He led his soldiers into battles, taking the same risk he asked his men to take … not sitting in a palace and ordering troops to go die to protect him as kings did later in history. He was subject to the same law that governed the rest of the people. The concept of ruling and creating laws, and being above the common people, came from origins other than the Bible.

Christ, as our "King," is not a ruler. He is subordinate to the Father, and is the "Firstborn": our Leader. He originated from our "kin," and has inherited the pre-eminent position of Example and Leader. As a true "King," He does not make up new and different laws, but rather abides by the laws of his Father.


CHURCH USAGE: Usually equated with "Heaven." A state of bliss and perfection where God rules with a rod of iron, and no bad thing can exist.

In secular literature and thinking, "The kingdom of God" is often equated with "Utopia." "Utopia" was coined by Sir Thomas More in a 16th Century novel as the name of an imaginary island with idyllic conditions. Thus, "Utopia" came to be used as a label for the classical dream world or condition in which one's fantasies and every need, imaginary or real, are fulfilled. It is a Greek word meaning "no place " ("ou" = NOT "topos" = PLACE).

BIBLICAL MEANING: "Kingdom" (king's domain) is translated from the Greek BASELIA which is more accurately rendered "reign." Therefore, the preferred translation is "Reign of God."

Whereas "kingdom" tends to indicate a physical area, "reign" has a much broader application. "A reign" (kingship) can include a physical domain, but also faith, allegiance, and jurisdiction..

The Kingship (Reign) of God cannot be limited to a time frame, nor to a physical location. It cannot be limited to the future, nor to the past, but exists always along with, and by virtue of, the Immortal Sovereign Ruler himself. Therefore, we are not waiting for Heaven's Reign to start. Rather, we are waiting for man's rebellion to end.



CONTROLLED MEANING: Sole possession and control of land, including the right to profit on the buying, selling and trading of that land.

CORRECT MEANING: To hold land for your personal use.

However, in the U.S.A., private ownership of land is impossible since all land is claimed by the government. Individuals are permitted to live on the land by paying rent (taxes) to the owners (gov't).

In Scripture, however, Yahweh is the owner/controller of all land by virtue of His power, and the fact that He created it (Exodus 19:5; Leviticus 25:23). Man is allowed to use the land through a granted, un-taxable 49-year lease from Yahweh (the jubilee cycle).

Western culture has developed two legal terms defining the holding of property: 1. "Allodial" 2. "Fee simple." These two terms can be used to define the relative roles of God and man in the ownership of land.

1. "Allodial" ownership is the holding of land by power. This ownership rests strictly upon strength and determination (i.e., the effort and ability to take, and forcibly keep, the land). It is the most basic expression of ownership. Among men, allodial land holdings are won, and kept, by force.

2. "Fee simple" ownership is the holding of land granted from a higher power (usually a king). "Fee simple" means "without fees, taxes or payments." This land title is good as long as the grantor remains in power.

God is the "allodial owner" of the land (Leviticus 25:10 & 23-24). He grants a renewable "fee simple" land title to families for 49 years. At the end of 49 years, the grant is re-evaluated to make sure it is still suitable. Man cannot lawfully speculate for profit on land. It cannot be transferred out of the family. Thus, the next generation does not lose its inheritance.


ASSUMED MEANING: Unchallengeable ownership. Protection against confiscation by civil judgments.

ACTUAL MEANING: A patent is a government-certified CONVEYANCE (movement) of TITLE (privilege of use) of public land to a legal recipient of a land grant or homestead. A patent declares that the transaction was un-clouded and free of claims or encumbrances. A patent does not prevent subsequent claims, damages, liens, judgments, or transferences.


CHURCH MEANING: In prophecy, those days just prior to the end of the world. A time of tribulation just before the return of Jesus.

ACTUAL MEANING: The word "last" is translated from the Hebrew [akhareeth] and the Greek [eschatos]. In both languages the meaning indicates future time from that moment on, to the end of a time period. In many cases, the more accurate rendering of these terms would be "afterwards," "later" (i.e., "latter"), or "in the future." Thus, the context must determine its meaning, whether "later," or "last."

Owing to the Roman Church's early development of a huge body of theological literature called eschatology (by their definition "the study of last things"), the Bible usages of these words were given the general Futurist meaning of "the end times." But, in fact, in many cases in point the intent of the term is only "afterward," or "later."

Two obvious examples where the term was used to indicate a contemporary time period (i.e., the first century AD):

1. And it shall be in the last days, says God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your older men shall dream dreams: — Acts 2:17

2. In these last days He spoke to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, through whom also he made the ages; — Hebr. 1:2


CONTROLLED MEANING: Rules legislated by congress.

CORRECT MEANING: From the Anglo-Saxon "lagu" [that which is laid or fixed]. Law is "laid and fixed" permanently by God. Man is constantly changing, therefore man cannot make law; he can only discover it. "There is ONE Lawgiver..." (James 4:12)


CONTROLLED MEANING: Someone with the ability to control people. Great leaders must have the charisma to excite and move great numbers of people for any particular cause. Natural leaders are born with this ability. With the potential power of today's printed and electronic media, leaders have more power than ever at their disposal. One short broadcasted speech from the President can excite and move millions for a chosen goal. Such leaders are necessary to maintain government and progress.

CORRECT MEANING: A true leader is someone who LEADS – not someone who calculates, manipulates and coerces from a position of power. A leader should be first to do whatever he is asking others to do. Rulers and dictators are not leaders. Gurus and con men are not leaders. Preachers, politicians and celebrities are not leaders. Leaders do not charm, brainwash, manipulate, excite and use people. Neither do they deceive, milk, and bleed the people for gain.

Wars could be virtually eliminated simply by demanding that our "leaders" go before us into the battle.


CONTROLLED MEANING: The political Left, generally favoring the Socialist/Communist wing of politics. Also, anyone who subscribes to, and/or promotes, amoral, undisciplined behavior. The sin of Liberalism is its abandonment of traditional, moral, and ethical conventions.

CORRECT MEANING: "Liberal" actually means "abundant; generous; free." In politics or ethics it means large-minded; open-minded; generous; not afraid to consider other data before judging; not insecure.

Modern political jargon notwithstanding, "national Establishments are NOT moral! Abandoning the Establishment does not constitute "sin." "Liberalism" does not connote restrictive ideologies like Socialism, Communism, Amoralism, etc. A "Liberal" mind is secure; not fearful of exposure. A "Liberal" mind widens its search for truth rather than narrowing it.


CONTROLLED MEANING: A state of happy citizenship under a protective central government which grants its citizens freedom and protects them from all enemies domestic and foreign. The government of a free people permits them to have freedom of religion, speech, and association. Free people are allowed their own property and privacy. Liberty is the result of living under the rule of a group of lawmakers chosen by the voting populace.

TRUE MEANING: "Liberty" is freedom to do, and be accountable for, what you think is right. Liberty is living in a state of natural freedom. Man's natural freedom, under God, cannot be granted by a government — it can only be honored or violated! Therefore, anything called "liberty" that is granted by man, or man's government, is not truly liberty — IT IS LICENSE (permission to do something that would otherwise be illegal). License (privilege) can be granted by man. Freedom and liberty cannot.

Being able to vote for which group of men rule over you makes them no less your rulers. Men ruled by men are not free! Any government system which place men as rulers over other men is a system of slavery. Liberty is repugnant to such a government. Such governments usually rename "liberty" with ugly labels such as "anarchy," "rebellion," and "terrorism."

"Liberty" is when you don't depend upon a government to protect you or grant you anything. "Liberty" is when you are responsible for yourself and your property without interference from government.

God's Word is man's best definition of LIBERTY. Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." (2 Cor 3:17) "Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ has made you free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage." (Gal 5:1) "So speak ye, and so do, as they that shall be judged by THE LAW OF LIBERTY" (James 2:12).


CONTROLLED MEANING: Lawful authorization to do something. Licenses are necessary for the protection of the public and to maintain orderly society. Licenses prevent us from hurting ourselves and other people.

CORRECT DEFINITION: A license is an indulgence issued by government to allow a citizen to do something which would otherwise be considered illegal. Licensing is a practice created by government to control the activities of citizens and raise revenues. A licensed man is a controlled man, either voluntarily or involuntarily.


CONTROLLED MEANING: A grant of temporary use of something, especially money at interest. Loaning money at interest serves both lender and borrower in that the lender makes profit on the loan, and the borrower is furnished with working capital.

TRUE MEANING: Loaning money is the most common way of enslaving men. Loans at usury are the most efficient way to turn temporary slavery into permanent slavery … since the usury can never be fully paid.

"The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender." Proverbs 22:7

Interest charged on loans of money is usury and God forbids it among brethren. In the Bible, loans among brethren were considered acts of mercy, not investments or opportunities to profit.

"If your brother be waxen poor, and fallen in decay with you, then you shall relieve him; ... Take you no usury of him, or increase: but fear your God, that your brother may live with you. You shall not give him your money upon usury, nor lend him your victuals for increase" (Lev. 25:35-37).

Usury is theft, and putting out money at usury is an act of war lawful only against enemies worthy of death.

"You shall not charge usury to your brother; ... Unto a stranger (an enemy) you may charge usury, ..." (Deut. 23:19-20).

In Deut. 24:10-15 and Luke 6:34-35 we are taught that when we make a loan to a brother our motive must be to aid him, and that we must be prepared to forgive the debt if he cannot pay it back.


CONTROLLED MEANING: Lawful enforcement of a defaulted contract. A lender's right to claim the property on which he holds the mortgage.

CORRECT DEFINITION: Confiscation of property through deceit, fraud and artifice. Money-lending (fractional usury-banking) is a criminal artifice of con-men. It is dishonest and unethical. Bible Law clearly prohibits lending at usury except to enemies – a prohibition recognized by Christian society for hundreds of years. Borrowing at usury and placing your property in mortgage is like playing cards with the deck stacked and you lose every time. "Mortgaged property" is "lost property." Bankers, like card sharks, know how the game works. Lending at usury guarantees riches for the lender and slavery for the borrower.

Usurers prefer Christians as borrowers because Christians usually try to be honest and make every effort to pay the mortgage, although it is ultimately impossible. Usury, unlike the principal, cannot be repaid because it was never issued into existence in the first place. If it doesn't exist, it cannot be found. If it cannot be found, it cannot be paid. Only the principal can be repaid. Nonetheless, Christians always feel guilty for being unable to do the impossible and pay the usurer. The result is that they peacefully hand over their family farms, homes, cars and other personal property whenever the banker demands them. "The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the tender." Proverbs 22:7


CONTROLLED MEANING: A method of reasoning and arguing which is applicable to secular study and knowledge. The application of Logic is of little or no use in the area of religion and faith. Man's logic cannot address the great mysteries of God and his system of belief and faith.

ACTUAL MEANING: Logic is merely the application of correct and reliable inferences and conclusions. Logic (from the Greek LOGOS: meaning "communication" – Jn. 1:1) demands that the conclusion must correctly follow the given premise or premises. In other words, Logic is a science or discipline of the mind to assist man in his reasoning processes and assure that his conclusions do not sidestep the given premises. Logic is applicable in all areas of man's thoughts where inferences and conclusions are present. Where Logic is not used, man is likely to arrive at conclusions that do not follow the premises of the argument or the issue in question. Logic certainly applies to one's faith and the discernment of God's Word.


CONTROLLED MEANING: Sexual attraction and/or sexual activity.

CORRECT MEANING: There are three concepts generally confused under the single heading of "love" in our modern vernacular. The word "love" is inadequate to express all three. Using the Koinê Greek language, as used in the New Testament, we can clarify it in modern-day English.

The three Greek words usually translated "love" are:

1. EROS: Sexual lust/drive.  2. PHILIA [fee-lee-ah]: Camaraderie, friendship, attraction, infatuation.  3. AGAPE [a-gah'-pay]: Selfless altruism and devotion irrespective of merit or risk.

To prevent confusion, the concepts in English should remain separate terms. For example: 1. "lust"; 2. "friendship"; 3. "love." (or etc.)

"EROS" (lust) is a lower, fleshly form of "love." People commonly lust after one another without devotion or camaraderie. Nonetheless, lust is perhaps the kind of "love" most commonly advertised in today's world. It is possible for EROS to accompany "camaraderie and devotion" – as in the husband & wife relationship where all three factors come together.

"PHILO" is the camaraderie and mutual attraction between people with common needs and preferences.

"... Greet them that love (philia) us in the faith ..." — Titus 3:15

"AGAPÉ" is the selfless altruism and devotion toward family, community, and/or the needy:

"For I was hungry and you gave me food; I was thirsty and you gave me drink; I was a stranger and you took me in; naked and you clothed me; I was sick and you visited me; I was in prison and you came to me." — Matthew 25:35-36

"Greater love (agape) has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." — John 15:13

"Love (agape) works no ill to his neighbor; therefore love is the doing of the law." — Romans 13:10



CONTROLLED MEANING: The democratic process for fair election, insuring that citizens remain free and adequate control over their government.

ACTUAL MEANING: Tyranny by the majority over the minority. Whether Democracy or Republic, Majority Rule forces a percentage of the people to conform to principles they do not accept. Scripture forbids Majority Rule: "You shall not follow a multitude (the majority) to evil; neither shall you speak in a cause to turn aside after many (the majority) to pervert judgment." — Exodus 23:2

The problem with "majority rule" is that it is a form of "RULE." "Rule" is "Tyranny." "Rulers" are "tyrants." In Democracies, voters vie for the position of majority so they can rule over the minority. The word "rule" is the key. Whether King, Dictator, or a Majority, "rule" negates man's freedom. "Rule" is a status never sanctioned by God.


CONTROLLED MEANING: A physical stamp, brand or tattoo that "the Beast" (a man who rules the world) places on a person's forehead or right hand, signifying that the person has surrendered to "the Beast." Usually thought to be the actual numbers "666." May also be equated with "Sunday Keeping."

CORRECT MEANING: Approval (authorization) issued from the Beast System. The "Beast" is man's international corporate system of government, finance and religion that occupies and controls nations and people. Governments by men are tools used to compile records on citizens so they can be cataloged, taxed and controlled. Records are obtained by licenses, permits, registrations, applications - through banks, public schools, government programs, power companies, insurance companies, doctors, lawyers, police, etc. Records (marks) are kept in computers by indexed numbers. Men are monitored, taxed, and controlled via their computer index numbers. Any man who wants privacy, and does not accept a number/mark to be listed in the government computers, is not authorized to buy or sell within the beast system. ["666" = Man's law system. "6" represents "man." "3" represents god. Three sixes = man as god: i.e., man creates government for making laws to rule the masses.

"And he causeth all, ... to receive a mark [authorization] in their right hand [their actions], or In their foreheads [their thoughts]: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark [license], or the name [authority] of the beast, or the number of his name [authorization number]." ("Number" = "authority")


POLITICAL MEANING: Emergency wartime military jurisdiction over a country until a stabile central government can be installed.

CORRECT MEANING: Dictatorial rule by a military commander over a conquered people.

The President of the United States is the Commander and Chief of all U.S. military forces. Thus, we are ruled over by central government and are under "martial law." All central governments rule by martial law — i.e., military force, or the threat of it.


CONTROLLED MEANING: Refers to the relationship between a slave and his owner.

CORRECT MEANING: Depending upon time in history, and location, these terms have meant different things. In modem America they are usually considered approximately the same as stated above. However, when these terms appear in historical writings they generally equate to "employer/employee."

In the Bible, as well as in early America, the relationship of "servant and master" was common. Again, this often speaks not of involuntary (forced) slavery, but rather voluntary servitude (i.e. contractual employment). The "master" did not own the "bond servant" who was bound to him by voluntary contract. Thus it is with contractual employment today.

The following quote from AMERICAN JURISPRUDENCE gives the official legal definition:

§ 2. Definitions—"Master," "Servant," "Employer," "Employee."—In law, the term "master and servant" indicates the relationship which exists when one person who employs another to do a certain work exercises the right of control over the performance of the work to the extent of prescribing the manner in which it is to be executed. The employer is the master, and the person employed is the servant. The terms "employer" and "employee" are the outgrowth of the old terms "master" and "servant;" they have been adopted by reason of the shift of the relation in general from a personal to an impersonal one, ….

§ 3. Existence of Relationship: While it is said that at common law there are four elements which are considered upon the question whether the relationship of master and servant exists,—namely, the selection and engagement of the servant, the payment of wages, the power of dismissal, and the power of the control of the servant's conduct,—the essential element of the relationship is the right of control—the right of one person, the master, to order and control another, the servant, in the performance of work by the latter, and the right to direct the manner in which the work shall be done.
— American Jurisprudence, volume 35, pg. 445.


POPULAR MEANING: A free armed force comprised of private citizens.

ACTUAL MEANING: Originally, "militia" simply meant "a system or organization of military discipline." The term dates back to 1590 and derives from the Latin 'milit" which meant "soldier." Inherently, "militia" connotes no distinction between either a private army or a government army. That distinction may be determined only by the context of its usage.

For instance, to know what the term "militia" meant in the Second Amendment to the Constitution ("A well regulated Militia, ... etc.) one must refer back to Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution which identifies it as "... the Militia of the several States" indicating a militia organized by state government over which, along with the Army and Navy, the President was Commander in Chief.

The point is that the term "militia" is a government term — especially when
used in the context of the Constitution or constitutional dictionaries. It neither confers, nor recognizes, private rights or powers of people to be armed for defense or warfare. Neither are your rights to own and bear arms protected by the Second Amendment unless you are in a government militia. The freedom to bear arms can NOT be granted by government. In fact, freedom of any sort cannot be granted. Power to "grant" is power to control, which precludes freedom. Freedom is available only to private individuals who are willing and able to claim it and defend it.


CONTROLLED MEANING: A religious man (usually a preacher) who teaches religion to people in order to lead them to salvation.

CORRECT MEANING: This non-religious term is from the Saxon word steore, meaning HELM, DIRECTION, STEER. One to whom a King entrusts the direction of affairs of state; as "minister of state"; "the prime minister." A magistrate or executive officer.

"Moses rose up, and his minister Joshua." Exodus 24:13

"Neither give heed to fables (myths) and endless genealogies (favor by race), which minister questions rather than godly stewardship (Kingdom Administration) which is in faith. From which some having swerved have turned aside to vain jangling (politics & religion); desiring to be teachers of the law; understanding neither what they say, nor whereof they affirm (ignorant preachers and politicians spreading myths)." I. Timothy 1:4,6,7.

[The three non-religious terms defined above have been re-defined and misapplied by religious writers, schools, government and churches, attempting to turn the Bible into a book of religion instead of a Book of Law and Government as it was intended originally. By usurping Jesus' government, man-made Central Government tries to supplant the Reign of Christ.]



CONTROLLED MEANING: A body of people under one government. A union of "states" or "provinces" under central rule.

CORRECT DEFINITION: A tribe or race of people (as the Cherokee Nation). From the Latin "natus" – to be born. Nationality should designate race or tribe. "Nation" is not the preferred term for The United States because its citizens are not racially alike. The term as been stretched, however, to mean the land and the people who are born in the land.


CONTROLLED MEANINGS: 1. Debt the government owes after spending all taxes it collected. 2. Debt owed by the public to themselves. 3. The collective debts of all people and businesses in the nation.

ACTUAL MEANING: Debt incurred by government by loans mostly from the Federal Reserve, from other international banks, and from the issuance of government bonds. The term "national debt" is a misnomer. It should be called "government debt."

Governments incur debt by borrowing from banks to fund their wars and projects. The government then cunningly tacks the label "national" to those loans in order to trick the people into accepting the debts as their own ... collectively. This criminal artifice was enabled by the "beloved" Constitution which states: The Congress shall have Power To borrow Money on the credit of the United States [Article I, Section 81]. The door of credit swung open wide, making the government the banking industry's best customer. Through government debt — foisted upon the public — the banks now hold mortgage over this land and its people.

A government is NOT the nation, nor is a nation a government. They are two separate entities and should never be confused. Governments should pay their own bills! The nation should stop picking up the tab! That which is called 'national debt" is actually "government debt" and the government (not the nation) should be responsible for it.

Since government was given a blank check signed by the public the debt has come to be measured in trillion$ of dollars. That amount, however, is irrelevant to us (the people) because it is NOT our debt. It is also irrelevant to the government because there is no way for banks to collect from governments. But, alas, the banks need the governments because they are partners in crime. Therefore, banks don't accost governments for payment. Rather, they accost the public. Banks and governments have perfected their crime. They found a way to steal untold trillion$ from the public, call it "national debt," and let the public accept it as their own. It is ingenious!


CONTROLLED MEANING: The political doctrine of national independence, putting national interests above other interests or powers.

TRUE MEANING: The doctrine of asserting the power of the nation above all other interests, including God's.

Nationalists condemn Internationalism (e.g., The United Nations) as if national sovereignty would cure all evil. Statists want sovereignty at the state level. Some folks want sovereignty at the local level (county, city, etc). These arguments are all relative in that they each seek sovereignty at their various levels. This is a critical point in that 'sovereigns" make law, and whoever/whatever makes law is god. This, "sovereigns" are "gods."

Yahweh commanded Israel to not accept other gods. Recognizing another sovereign (i.e., lawmaker) is idolatry ... at the national, state, or local level. The clear intent of God's Law is that no other lawmakers are allowed! Law can be interpreted (not created) and applied by elders (not by state-appointed judges), and enforced by the people (not by hireling cops): see Dt. 13:9; 17; 21:18-23; Nu. 35.


CONTROLLED MEANING: The person who lives in the house next door. One who resides close to you.

BIBLICAL MEANING: Jesus stated two "great commandments in the law": "You shall love the Lord your God," and "You shall love your neighbor" (Matthew 22:37-40).

While the word "neighbor," in Scripture, means literally "someone who is near," it usually connotes closeness in the spiritual sense (i.e., a friend or brother) rather than close physical proximity. Thus, the commandment to "love your neighbor" refers not to one who resides close to you, but rather to one whose heart is close to yours. Spiritual neighbors share a common spirit. In Luke 10:25–37, Jesus explains it as one who is concerned for your well-being.

The intent is obvious. Jesus commands us to love our fellow ecclesians. An ecclesia is a spiritual community, and our spiritual "neighbors" are the members of that community. We are commanded to love these neighbors. We are NOT commanded to love everyone who lives near us.


CONTROLLED MEANING: A new term used by President George Bush in reference to an improved state of international peace and unity. The term was popularized during the war in the Persian Gulf. Bush has not publicly defined the term, but the general assumption is that the NWO enhances Americanism and is a good thing.

CORRECT MEANING: 'The New World Order" is NOT a new term. It has been used as a generic, perhaps cultic, term by several regimes whose goals were to establish some form of "improved society." A version of this term was adopted by the United States Government, not long after its inception. This term, "Novas Ordo Seclorum" (The New Order of The Age), remains with us today. It is on the back of the one-dollar Federal Reserve Note.

In more recent history, Hitler promised to establish a "New World Order" in Germany. However, this reference is rarely mentioned due to unpopularity.

The term, itself, is the Masonic counterpart to the churches' "millennium." Masonic religion looks to a state of international bliss in which Masons have complete control. Bush's preoccupation with the NWO reflects his Masonic bent for world government.




CHURCH MEANING: 1. Heaven; 2. A holding place for disembodied souls who have gone to heaven. 3. Place of bliss and pleasure.

CORRECT MEANING: From Greek paradeisos, and Hebrew pardace. It is a two-part Persian word: a) "pairi" – (around), and b) "diz" – (form a wall).  Literally, a guarded area ("garden") kept with a wall or hedge around ... and an implied guardian (husbandman).

The garden (paradise) figure used in Scripture infers a city, a community, etc. as areas "kept" and guarded (e.g., Tyre in Ezekiel 28:13; Zion in Isaiah 1:8, 51:3; Joel 2:3; Israel in Isaiah 5:1-7). Cities often use the "garden" or "paradise" theme (e.g., Stuttgart Weingarten, Germany; Leningrad & Novogardia, Russia). Israel is "a vineyard" "kept" (protected) by God's laws (i.e., walls or hedges) as a garden. "Kindergarten" means "child care or protection."

The "paradise" kingdom of Eden, was figuratively called "a garden" ("guarded" by God's laws). In Genesis 3:24, angels "kept The Way" of the tree of life (God's laws) in Eden. Again, in Acts 19:9, 23; 22:4, "The Way" refers to Christ's Ecclesia System, in which Jesus is the Husbandman of the "vineyard" of God: thus, a "paradise."

"Paradise," in scripture, is a community or kingdom that is "walled" and guarded. It is not a mythological utopia of "bliss and pleasure."


CONTROLLED MEANING: A special religious man (licensed and ordained clergyman/priest) hired to manage a church, get members to join, give sermons and officiate at church functions. A preacher whose main purpose is getting people's souls saved from hell.

CORRECT MEANING: The word "pastor has nothing to do with religion, per se. It comes from the Hebrew RAAH, and the Greek POIMEN — both which mean SHEPHERD (in the sense of overseeing, feeding, protecting or presiding over. It is a civil position of responsibility, much like being the head of the house, or the patriarch of a tribe/clan. In the Bible it signifies a civil leader, not a "religious" figurehead.


CONTROLLED MEANING: A person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its government. Patriotism is the reasonable obligation of every moral citizen.

ACTUAL MEANING: "Pate" means "head." "Pater" is "father" (head of the family). "Patrios" (Greek "πατριος") means "of one's fathers." "Patris" is "land of my fathers." A "Patriot," therefore, is a member of a "patris" (family or clan). "Patriot" is an abbreviated form of "Compatriot."

Being a member of a "patris" (clan) is certainly not the same a "defender of government." "Patriotism" may or may not be a good thing ... depending upon whether or not one's fathers were worthy of defending.

Politicians have given us terms like "Fatherland," "Founding Fathers," etc. They use these terms, and others, to subtly and deceptively convince the people that "Patriotism" equates to "upholding the government" no matter what it does. Governments consider lack of support as "unpatriotic" and shameful at best, and sometimes "sedition" and "treason."

In the case where one's fathers (paters) were opposed to corrupt government, as in the case of early Americans, a true "Patriot" today would of necessity be opposed to modern corrupt government.


GOVERNMENT MEANING: Silence. Pacification. The lack of rebellion or dissent to government power. Wars bring peace by force.

TRUE MEANING: In relation to people and community, "peace" does not mean "silence" … since silence can be achieved by oppression and death ... the classic by-product of government-forced "peace."

When Roman armies invaded and devastated Alba, in the 700's, Calgicus (a Celtic chieftain) stated: "They make a desert and call it peace." This statement was repeated again later by the Scots to describe the British military policy called "pacification" whereby British troops invaded and laid waste to the Scottish Highlands in the 1700's.

Mao Tse-tung correctly stated that government authority "... comes from the barrel of a gun." By this principle governments (including "democracies") have gotten and kept power over people and nations. Thus, this form of "peace" is achieved by government when it develops enough gun power to kill or imprison all dissenters, domestic or foreign.

State oppression, force, and hostility bring silence by forcing the common people to live in fear. But fear is not peace!

True peace requires that there be no masters and slaves; no nobles and commons; no class of men who are above the law, and no class of men systematically deprived of their natural rights. True "peace" is the lack of hostilities ... a state which will never be achieved so long as governments continue to be hostile to free men.


CONTROLLED MEANING: Any individual. A man, woman or child.

ACTUAL MEANING: From "persona" (Lat.). "Person" is not the same as "man." A "person" is an "entity" – human or corporate – whose status is recognized and accepted by government. The status of "person" is a creation of the State. "Persona non grata" (i.e., "non-person) is a legal term for an entity that is not recognized or accepted by the State.

According to Bouvier's Law Dictionary, "persons" are subjects of rights and duties conveyed by government. A "person" is a "citizen": one who is "entitled" and/or "bound" by government.

"Every full citizen is a person; ... But not every human being is necessarily a person, for a person is capable of rights and duties, and there may well be human beings having no legal rights, as was the case with slaves in English law. A person is such, not because he is human, but because rights and duties are ascribed to him. The person is the legal subject or substance of which the rights and duties are attributes." — Bouvier's Law Dictionary

God created no "persons" – He created MAN. The state creates "persons."


CONTROLLED MEANING: Officers hired to protect the public from crime and keep the peace – to enforce the law.

ACTUAL MEANING: The enforcement arm of the State to protect the interests of state from being damaged or compromised by the public; to keep the public submissive and under control, and collect revenue from the public for government use. Police are not hired to protect the people; they are hired to protect the state from the people. Police are government strong-arm hirelings whose job is to intimidate and suppress the public and force them to do the bidding of the politicians and bankers.


GOVERNMENT MEANING: The people's power to vote into political office the men of their choice. The hallmark of democracy. The best way for the people to control their government.

ACTUAL MEANING: The meaningless final step in the political process where the powers in or behind central governments manipulate their own hand-picked people into positions of power.

The election ritual is the ostensible gesture used by central governments to keep their subjects pacified — allowing them to think, erroneously, that they can exercise control over their government. The preposterous idea that people can somehow control their controllers has been subtly planted into the minds of the American public. The concept is impossible — but the people mindlessly continue to believe it nonetheless.

Political positions are created, filled, and controlled entirely by the elite super-rich, the news media, and covert powers (like the CIA). They coerce, threaten, murder, and bribe people to keep politics carefully controlled. Politicians serve their masters (bankers), not the poor voters who are permitted to vote for select banker-owned hirelings.

Voting — like the Colosseum games in old Rome where spectators were allowed to vote (thumbs up, or thumbs down) as to whether the beaten contestant lived or died  — only serves to pacify a corrupt people and entice them to participate in a corrupt system. Political elections are designed to give government a veneer of legitimacy and keep it in power.


CHURCH MEANING: God's pre-set immutable schedule of men's lives from beginning to end. It means that the course and details of our lives (and the universe) were permanently set, once for all, before the creation.

ACTUAL MEANING: The term "predestinate," inserted by translators into some English versions of the Bible, is a mistranslation. The correct translation is "foreordain" or "pre-sanction." It means to commission or authorize at the start; to sanction a course before it is embarked upon.

There is an important difference between "predestinate" and "foreordain." "Predestinate" refers to how something will be completed. "Foreordain" refers to how something will be started.

The term "predestination" has been misapplied by the churches to build a doctrine of Fatalism (the inability of man to affect the course of his own life). It claims that all of life's events and details are pre-set according to an immutable schedule instituted before creation. However, the correct term, "foreordain," indicates no such thing.

God foreordained (pre-commissioned) Israel by a covenant. Israel accepted the covenant, then abandoned it and fell from grace. God divorced her and sent her into captivity. Thus, the ordination was not immutable. I could be followed, or not followed.

The question is not whether God can see the future, but if "predestination" is a Biblical term. If the term is not Biblical, then neither is the doctrine.

Jesus himself was unaware of such a doctrine. His prayer, just before crucifixion, was a plea to change his immediate future if his Father was willing (Matt.36:39). If all things were predestined Jesus would have known better than to pray for a destiny other than the one that eventually occurred.


CHURCH MEANING: The past existence of Jesus (in heaven) prior to His beginning on Earth. Many churches include, under this doctrine, that the souls of all men exist prior to their mortal birth.

ACTUAL MEANING: Literally "before existence." The term as used by the churches is a misnomer. To "pre-exist" is "to exist prior to existence" (an oxymoron).

Churches teach that man has an "immortal soul" that exists prior to his mortal birth ... and continues after his mortal death. This "soul" supposedly enters (inhabits/possesses) the mortal body at birth, then vacates it at death.

Pre-existence (reincarnation) is an old Hindu and Babylonian doctrine variously interpreted and adopted by the churches. Attempts to apply this pagan doctrine to Jesus (claiming He "pre-existed") imply also that He never actually died — that His "immortal soul" conveniently vacated the body on the cross and continued living. This doctrine is a serious error, for if Jesus did not truly die then the crucifixion was a hoax, and He was not raised up from death.

"Christ died ... was buried, and ... was raised up the third day according to the scriptures: (I Cor. 15:3b-4).

"Pre-existence" equals "immortality." Immortality eliminates death. With no death the hope of being "raised up" is irrelevant and misleading.


CONTROLLED MEANING: A building in which the government confines criminals, thus protecting the public from dangerous people.

CORRECT MEANING: A central government "growth industry" which provides not only huge profits and permanent income with retirement and insurance benefits for hirelings, but also a proven means of vengeance, torture and threat used by government to keep the public intimidated and controlled.

The threat to the public from regular criminals is almost nil, and it would be even less if police would not arrest citizens for protecting themselves and their property. Most people live their entire lives with little or no damage from common criminals. However, not one day passes that any American can go undamaged from the big criminals in government who have erected standing armies (police) and courts to tax us, steal our substance, harass us, murder us, use us, steal our land, brainwash us, degrade and program our children, protect usurers, sodomites, perverts and baby killers, destroy our hope and then imprison anyone who objects.

There is no Biblical authority for prisons. Law breakers are allowed to make restitution to restore the damage they caused. Those who refuse to make restitution are banished or executed. Locking people in cages, at public expense, serves no purpose but to create hardened criminals, suppress dissent, create the false illusion that we need police, and provide industry and profit for everyone in the "police and prison growth industry."


CONTROLLED MEANING: the right of women to have an abortion — based upon the legal premise that a fetus is only part of the woman's body. A woman can choose to do anything she wants to her own body — including doing away with part of it.

CORRECT MEANING: "Pro-choice" is a euphemism for "Pro-death." It has nothing to do with the rights of women — but, rather, the rights of babies. The so-called "choice" is whether or not a mother will allow her baby to live.

The "pro-choice" woman demands, not her own rights, but the abrogation of the rights of her baby. This contravenes all decency and reason. A woman's rights pertain to herself, not to others. A woman has "the right to choose" whether or not to participate in the conception of a baby. However, once the baby is conceived, that option no longer exists.

A society that produces mothers who hate their own babies enough to murder them is a society that is so perverse it defies description. It indicates the total loss or reversal of the very nature of women as God created them.


CHURCH MEANING: One who predicts the future.

ACTUAL MEANING: While the origin of the word indicates "a foreteller," the term actually came to mean "one who speaks for God." Thus, a "prophet" may foretell a future event, deliver a message (admonition) from God, or interpret its meaning.

A "false prophet," then, is one who claims to speak for God but actually speaks for someone else. He may be speaking for a church, for another man, or for himself ... while claiming to speak for God. Or, he may just be a fool and/or a liar, misrepresenting God's word with no apparent motive.

In scripture, false prophets are considered dangerous. God demands the death penalty for them. Thus, to accuse someone of being a false prophet is a very serious charge — no less than murder. In our society where the system precludes God's law, all we can do is identify false prophets, expose them, and avoid them.


CONTROLLED MEANING: A free and beneficial government program to provide all youth with equal opportunity to learn the basic skills for successful living and prepare them to fit into society.

CORRECT MEANING: Government programming for American youth. A government facility to brainwash and permanently twist and bind young minds within the parameters of government-sanctioned thought patterns. Rather than teaching necessary basic skills, government schools teach lies and retard minds. They severely handicap and limit mental capacity, destroy Christian values, reshape attitudes and behaviors, destroy the ability to reason and think for yourself, and render youth vulnerable to mental manipulation, coercion and perversion for the rest of their lives.

Government schools (mind programming centers) exist to bring about change: from independent Christian freedom and individualism to unified Babylonian-style slavery and a government-dependent mind set; from private family oriented patriarchal society to centralized bureaucracy and collectivism.

Public education creates a government monopoly on child training through strict control and eventual elimination of family influence and all other alternatives. It is designed to destroy the independent family unit (the fabric of a free society) and replace it with a centralized, global society incapable of independent thought or resistance.


CONTROLLED MEANING: A system to provide low-cost or free childcare services for the benefit of working parents.

CORRECT MEANING: An innocent-sounding, but diabolical, scheme to remove children from their parents' influence and natural, healthy, family home environment, and encourage mothers to abandon home and children. It also gives the Beast System the advantage of earlier access to the minds and hearts of children.


CONTROLLED MEANING: Striving for well being, prosperity, enjoyment, contentment, joy.

TRUE MEANING: "Hap" is an old English word meaning "chance" or "luck." "Happy" means "lucky." "Hapless" is "luckless." "Mishap" is "bad luck." "Perhaps" means "by chance, or by luck." Therefore, "happiness" is a state of good luck, or good chance.

The pursuit of happiness is the pursuit of good luck. One would do better to pursue truth, God's will, and purpose in life.

"Happiness" is not the same as "contentment" or "well being." Happiness is good luck. Contentment and well being is the result of God's blessings. Furthermore, joy and contentment are not found by pursuing them. Rather, they are by-products of pursuing truth, God's will, and purpose in your life, and by exercising faith in Him.

Americans seem to be obsessed with the so-called "pursuit of happiness." Some look for happiness in wealth. Some look for it in popularity. Some pursue happiness by engaging in risk and danger. Some attach themselves to bungee cords and jump off bridges. One man recently spent 20 million dollars to ride in a space shuttle to find "happiness." Some seek "happiness" by pursuing wealth and power to rule over others. Some think they can find "happiness" by satiating themselves in indulgences of all kinds: sex, fashion, entertainment, etc..

But contentment and well-being will always remain elusive to those who seek it for its own sake. It can only be found by living a life of meaning and purpose in God's will.




CONTROLLED MEANING: Discrimination against people of other races. Hatred of races different from you. The belief that your race is superior to other races. Prejudice against inter-racial marriage.

TRUE MEANING: Belief in racial variation: that people differ significantly and systematically, in appearance, ability, temperament, and aptitude due to racial variation. In the Biblical sense, it means that God created the different races each with their own particular characteristics, making each race unique.

Before 1950 the word "racism" was not listed in dictionaries. Awareness of race was taken for granted. It was not an issue. The media, and certain people with political agendas (the "controllers"), have created the concept, hyped it, and made it an issue in the last three decades.

"Racism" (not to be confused with "xenophobia": fear and/or hatred of people different from yourself) does not imply hatred, superiority, or prejudice.

God created the races (breeds) of humans as He created different breeds of cows, horses, birds, etc.. He created them different from one another, and it is folly to ignore those differences. It is evil to deceive others by teaching them to ignore differences in race or gender.

All Biblical patterns and examples show that we should marry within our own breed (race). Interracial breeding undermines the races of both sides. This, up until a few decades ago, was known as "miscegenation" and was against the law.


CONTROLLED MEANING: Deadly, disease-causing atomic rays which emanate from "radioactive" sources like uranium and atomic bombs. Radiation, in any amount, is harmful if not deadly. It causes cancer, birth defects and mutant life forms. It is the most deadly poison on the face of the earth. One pound of plutonium (a derivative of uranium) distributed over the face of the earth would kill all human life.

CORRECT MEANING: Radiation is light (i.e.. heat; energy ) emanating from any source. Radiation (light) is absorbed and released by all materials. Life, as we know it, cannot exist without the benefits of radiation. The Sun is Earth's ultimate source of radiation.

All radiation (light) travels at the same speed: 186,000 miles/second and is described by frequency and wave length in the light spectrum (i.e.. radiation spectrum). Radiation (light) varies from long, slow waves (ELF) to short, fast waves (ultra-violet). Most radiation is invisible to the human eye. Visible radiation occurs only in a very narrow band between infra-red and ultra-violet. All occur naturally and are beneficial (not poison) to life unless received in extremely doses.

Excessive levels of these various wave lengths of light (radiation) can burn human cells. Lesser amounts of radiation (below the level of burns) are not harmful. Ultraviolet light (radiation) from uranium, plutonium, etc. is NOT harmful in amounts below the burn level. Like a common fire which radiates infrared radiation (called "heat") it is not harmful unless you get enough to burn your skin.


CHURCH MEANING: Physical resurrection; raising bodies the from graves. Restoration from biological death to biological life.

BIBLICAL MEANING: A Bible term which can refer to restoration of biological life (as in the case of Lazarus (Jn. 11), as well as to the giving of new spiritual life to people who were spiritually dead. This process is called "re-birth," "raising up," "awakening." The salvation of Christ was a social/political reformation – not a church system. He gave new life to the dead (Ez. 37).

"Why should it be thought a thing incredible with you, that God should raise (present active tense) the dead ?" (Acts 26:8). God was raising the dead at that time.

Jesus (and apostles) declared God was "raising the dead" – implying Israel had been dead in trespasses and sins (Eph. 2:1-7), but were now receiving new life in Christ. They were being "raised" from spiritual death (Rm. 6:11-13; Gal. 2:20).


CONTROLLED MEANING: Christianity, or a belief in God. Religious people are "nice," "peaceful" people who pray, sing and read the Bible.

The performance of the duties we owe directly to God, from a principle of obedience to His will. True godliness or piety of life, with the practice of moral duties. —Webster's Dictionary, 1828

CORRECT MEANING: From the Latin word "religo—meaning "to bind anew." In Rome, it signified the obligation of contract (or implied contract) by an oath or vow to the gods. Oaths, regardless of their nature, have always been sworn by the name of a deity or his representative (e.g. the oaths of office are sworn on the Bible, in the name of God). In modern churches this is accomplished through membership, pledges, and oaths.

In the New Testament, the word "religion" comes from the Greek "threskeia" [ceremonial observance: superstition]. This Greek word is from "throeo' [to clamor, i.e. to frighten]. Religious people bind themselves to superstitious clamor and fear.

In Acts 17:22, Paul describes the Athenians as "very religious." The word "religious" ("superstitious" in the KJV) is the Greek deisidaimonesteros [demon-fearing].



CONTROLLED MEANING: The best form of government for man. A sovereign nation ruled by a central government that is fair, honestly representative of citizens, having a balance of powers: Legislative, Executive and Judicial — all controlled by a constitution and by a popular vote. Not a democracy.

CORRECT MEANING: From two Latin words: RE (with reference to); PUBLIC, (the people). A "re-public" is a nation with a government that has reference to the public. This can mean almost anything. Usually parts of the public are incorporated into some of the administration offices. This provides NO fairness, representation, ethics or freedom. Slavery does not become acceptable or honest by employing a few of the slaves to help police the others.

A "republic" can take many forms: Communism, Democracy, Fascism, Socialism, and others. There is certainly nothing about "republics" that makes them inherently good. However, there ARE some things that are inherently evil about them - namely, that THEY ARE CONTROLLED CENTRALLY, THEY ARE SELF-SERVING, AND THEY ENSLAVE THEIR CITIZENS. Also, they create their own laws in opposition to the laws of nature and of Christ.

Ancient Rome and Greece are examples of "republics" that have come and gone. Current well-known "republics" include: Russia, Cuba, China, East Germany, Mexico, Zimbabwe, and many other nations including South Africa and the USA. Republics are inherently no better, or worse, than other man-made government. They are simply part of the humanistic Beast System that deifies man as lawmaker (god).


CONTROLLED MEANING: The unalienable liberties and guaranteed benefits that are every person's from birth. "Rights" are not "privileges." Rights come from God, and privileges are granted from the state.

ACTUAL MEANING: A "right" is a claim against another man's property or performance. It is an acquired debt subject to claim and collection. One man's "right" equates to a debt or a demand against some other man, or men. BLACK'S LAW DICTIONARY defines it as: "A capacity residing in one man of controlling, with the assent and assistance of the state, the actions of others. ... A legally enforceable claim of one person against another, that the other shall do a given act, or shall not do a given act. "

"Rights" are not acquired by birth, but by contract or debt.

The theory that all men are born with "unalienable rights," as stated by philosophers (e.g., The Declaration of Independence), suggests that every man is born with inherent collectible claims (debts) against God or mankind in general. This theory originates in slavery mentality, not in God's Word.

God's word instructs us that happiness, freedom, and security are not ours by right, but on condition that we follow His law (Dt.. 28:1; 30:15-20; Jms 1:22-25; 2:15-26). Nowhere does God's Word indicate that men are born with an automatic claim upon these things. We are born helpless and in need of instruction and goodwill – especially from God. In Christ we develop the will and power to seek freedom. But if we sit back and demand freedom be handed to us, nothing will happen. Claiming a "right" to be free is like claiming a "right" to be able to swim. It won't happen unless you are willing to work to achieve it. Freedom is not free!

To claim "rights" against government implies that a covenant, and thus a debt, exists between you and government. Only a debt agreement, an injury or a contract can entitle you to make claims or demands. The act of making the claim and pursuing it in government courts indicates a tacit covenant and establishes government jurisdiction. It is idolatry because it acknowledges and validates the false god called "government."



CHURCH MEANING: The way to escape this life and not go to hell. The status achieved by accepting Jesus; also the way to gain access to "heaven" at the time of death, or at "the resurrection." "Salvation" is achieved during this life and rewarded after death.

CORRECT MEANING: The act of being saved or rescued from something. To be rescued or be delivered from a bad predicament. Christ saves us with his spirit, enabling us to overcome ignorance, depravity and sin. The benefit of this salvation is realized in this present life as well as in the future life (1 Cor. 15:19).

"The salvation of Christ" rescues us from the spiritual death and blindness that results from our separation from God.


CONTROLLED MEANING: The Arch-Fallen Angel. An evil being so powerful as to rival God Himself. Originally he was "perfect" in every way, but his pride led him to organize a heavenly insurrection among the angels in which one-third of "the heavenly host" revolted against God. God managed to retain his throne, and the rebels were banned from heaven and sent to earth. Earth, a lesser dominion, became the kingdom of Satan—making him "the god of this world." He is the cause of all evil upon the earth. He leads men astray and causes them to sin against God.

TRUE MEANING: The Bible word "satan" is not a proper name, but simply means "adversary." Any adversary or opponent! God was a "satan" (adversary) to King David at one point (compare 2 Sam 24:1 & I Chron 21:1). If the English translators had been consistent, Bible readers would have known that an angel of the Lord was "a satan" (adversary) to Balaam (Nu 22:22). In I Sam 29:4, Philistines called a Hebrew a "satan" (adversary). The sons of Zeruiah were "satans" (adversaries) to David in 2 Sam 19:22. David wrote about other "satans" in I Kings 5:4, 11:14, 23 & 25; Ps 38:20, 71:13, 109:4, 20,29. In these scriptures, "adversary" is the exact same Hebrew word the translators chose to render "Satan" in other passages.

The chief "fallen angel" (Satan) of the churches is a pagan myth inherited from the Persian (Babylonian) religion of Zoroaster. Zoroastrianism was the religion of Babylon during Israel's captivity. Zoroaster introduced the so-called "ethical dualism" into the world … which taught that there are two gods – one good, and one bad – one to counterbalance the other. This religion was exported to Jerusalem (and elsewhere) after the captivity, and became known as "the tradition of the elders" or "Pharisaism" (today called "Judaism"). It was the religion of the Sanhedrin that murdered Jesus. It was later adopted by the churches and became falsely called "Christianity."

This was the Persian/Babylonian source of the so-called "evil god" ("Satan") taught in the churches and kept in the minds of victims of religious brainwashing.

"Satans" and "devils" walk among us. They are flesh and blood just as they were in the time of King David. Superstitious fear and preoccupation with spooks (as taught in churches) blinds people so they cannot see the real satans and devils.


CONTROLLED MEANING: A publicly owned and operated institution for formal instruction and education. Education for youth is provided by Public Schools. Public Schools educate children and prepare them for adulthood and help them learn to be good citizens.

TRUE MEANING: From the Greek verb "σκολη" (skolay): rest, be at leisure, pause. The noun indicates a group at leisure together. "School" does not imply "education" or "teaching." The link to "teaching" came from the fact that people often grouped together to be instructed by one teacher. A "school of fish" is a group of fish leisurely swimming together. To be "schooled" is to be grouped together like fish, or like a herd of cattle.

The term "school" is appropriate for the Public School System where the emphasis is upon grouping rather than educating. The Public School System throws children together with strangers for training on how to "fit in" rather than how to think, reason and advance academically. Citizenship (i.e., "fitting in") is the main focus in public schools. Kids are taught to vote, pay taxes, and grow comfortable with sodomites, lesbians, atheists, anti-Christs, crooks, liars, and politics (but then I repeat myself). Public schools also indoctrinate kids to believe that all races should be mixed together, and that it is immoral to think of another race as "different" or "separate."

The term "home school" is a misnomer in most cases since "school" does not imply academic education. "Home education" is a better term to use. Being "schooled" implies being grouped and crowded together, which is not the intent of most home educators.


CONTROLLED MEANING: Collecting information from teachers, published literature, and from all sources available. The bigger one's library the more truth he has.

TRUE MEANING: Seeking truth is more of an exercise in culling than in collecting. Gathering information is easy ... and usually worthless. Culling bad information is the key to FINDING truth. Truths that are hidden in a flood of lies and untruths get lost in the heap.

The indiscriminate gathering of information and then storing it all together in your library gets you nowhere. The higher the heap the greater the effort and time needed to sort truth out. We should take into account that we have a finite amount of time and energy to devote to sorting truth, and it does no good to gather more than we can sort. Truth is not in the volume of information you may collect, but rather in the careful rejection of un-truths.

In this age, information is plentiful from sources everywhere. In fact, information is so plentiful Americans are literally flooded with it. And yet, Americans are some of the most ignorant of all people of the industrialized nations. Americans are flooded with "information," but unable to find truth ... because they fail to cull out the untruths.

7. Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.
8. ... these resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith.
9. ...their folly shall be manifest to all men, .... — II Tim. 3:7-9


CONTROLLED MEANING: Confident; ambitious; business-like. A self-assertive person is very capable and good at whatever he does; he is usually a leader.

TRUE MEANING: Tending to assert (i.e., force) yourself into equations, having presumptuous disregard for manners or protocol. Egoistic and arrogant. Viewing the world around you as having meaning only in terms of how it relates to you personally. It is not mere confidence, but arrogance. Instead of looking outside himself for truth, a self-assertive man presumes that truth is measured in terms of how it facilitates his own needs and ego.

In today's society self-assertiveness is hailed as a strength. However, in past ages it was considered a fault and obnoxious. A self-assertive man's greatest drive is to manifest and experience his own self, believing that force of will is a greater asset than truth, accuracy, and love.

Self-assertive people are obsessed with self. The Women's Movement (Women's Lib) has convinced women that they must be self-assertive to be true to themselves. This has resulted in a generation of women obsessed with themselves, incapable of honoring or loving anyone but themselves.

Christians are taught, in Scripture, to be self-effacive (the opposite of self-assertive). In contrast, self-obsession puts self at the center of one's world in place of Christ, and the fulfillment of self takes precedence over obedience, faith and love.

(they) worshipped and served the creature (self) more than the Creator ... and even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind. —Romans 1:25 & 28


CONTROLLED MEANING: Inappropriate tendency to fight. The use of violence should be discouraged. Christ commands us to "turn the other cheek" rather than seek our own revenge. Protection of citizens is the job of police … not civilians taking the law into their own hands. People should let police defend them rather than risk breaking the law.

TRUE MEANING: Self defense is the most basic of all freedoms. It includes defense of yourself, your family, and your property. Brainwashing people to believe it is wrong to defend themselves goes against the very structure of God's creation, and it is a classic tactic used to conquer and subjugate nations. Ability, and will, to defend yourself from wrongful hurt from anyone, or any entity (including government), is the foundation of freedom.

Self defense includes protecting yourself with what ever force necessary to counteract and stop anyone or anything causing personal damage to you. "Personal damage" includes injury to yourself, injury to your family, damage to or loss of your property or your family's property.


CONTROLLED MEANING: Part of the Constitution which prohibits a religion from mixing with government. The Founding Fathers put this clause in the Constitution to protect America from oppressive religions. It prevents ALL religions from influencing government.

TRUE MEANING: "Separation of church and state" is not in the Constitution of the United States of America … although it is beside the point. Article 1 of The Bill Of Rights states: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." That's all that is said, and it prohibits government from interfering in "religion" in any way. It does not prohibit religion from interfering with government.

But as I already stated, these points are worthless since government, once in power, can do whatever it wants. Furthermore, the phrase "separation of church and state" was popularized by political parties for the purpose of separating GOD from state. They couldn't care less whether "church" is separated from state. Church, Humanism, Freemasonry, and most other religions, are functioning in government under the guise of "Human Rights, Ethics, Welfare, Abortion, anti-Discrimination and Social Security" but they are careful not to call them "religions."


CONTROLLED MEANING: A religious message given in a church by a licensed and ordained preacher speaking in a pulpit.

CORRECT MEANING: Any speech, discourse or writing of a serious or solemn kind, as a formal reproof or exhortation. Address given anywhere, by anyone of authority, usually on the subject of conduct or duty. To "sermonize" originally meant, to tutor or teach.


CONTROLLED MEANING: Courses to help children survive the inevitable threat of premature pregnancy and venereal diseases, and to cast light upon a vital and inevitable area of human experience that had been made taboo by outdated and oppressive religions. Sex education in the schools prevents kids from having to learn it "on the street."

ACTUAL MEANING: To subvert children, bring them down to the moral level of the sex educators themselves (usually sexual deviates and/or sodomites), and destroy Christian ethics. Sex educators want to justify their own evil perversions and insure that this generation will never be able to rise above the perverted generation they were born into.

Learning trash and pornography in school is worse than learning it "on the street." At least when it is learned "on the street" it does not masquerade as being acceptable.

Youth have a natural curiosity about sex, and should be given wholesome and prudent information at home. Children should never be pushed into a premature interest in sexual matters. "Sex education" as it is taught in public schools does not enlighten young children; it confuses them, emboldens them, and often perverts them.


CONTROLLED MEANING: The institution of buying and selling humans (as property), divesting them of all personal rights and freedoms, and using them as forced laborers.

CORRECT MEANING: The above definition (controlled meaning) is partially correct. However, slavery comes by degree as well. One does not have to be a total slave to be a victim of slavery. Each facet of one's life which falls under coercion or forced-performance qualifies as "slavery" ... to that degree. Slavery is any condition wherein an accountable adult is routinely forced or coerced to perform without his consent.

Freedom means not having to perform against your will. When one man forces another to perform to avoid punishment it is slavery. When Black slavery was practiced, they were controlled by threat of beatings and/or killing. Today, most slaves are White and they are controlled by threat of punishment, violence, prison, property confiscation, fines, etc. Thus, in order to avoid these damages, Whites perform and pay fees ... against their will.

The ideal slavery, from the masters' view point, is when the majority of the slaves think they are free, and they ridicule, demonize, coerce and inform the police of the few who don't willingly perform.

"None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." — Von Goethe


CHURCH MEANING: The divine gift of uttering unknown, uncontrollable sounds understood by God and the angels. A secret, heavenly language of angels shared with select mortals. The gift of speaking in "unknown tongues" is proof of a person's acceptance with God. Sometimes called "glossolalia".

CORRECT MEANING: 'Tongues" is an old English term for "dialects" or "languages." "Speaking in tongues" indicates the ability to converse and communicate in languages other than your own native tongue.

The disciples who spoke in tongues in the early chapters of Acts were communicating in foreign languages. Whether their ability was due to their own learning, or due to a temporary supernatural gift received from God, the result was the same: they communicated with men of other nations and dialects. There is also some question of whether the miracle was in the speaking of other tongues, or the hearing of other languages coming across in one's own tongue.

Churches have wrongly equated "speaking in tongues" with silly religious babbling and ecstatic mumbling. Before the time of Christ, both Plato and Virgil described ecstatic speech among the Greeks and Romans which compares with the modern charismatic "tongues" experiences. Ecstatic religion is very old. Fits of "ecstasy," accompanied by irrational babbling and loss of control, were common in pagan cultures, as it is in churches in America and among native pagan religions like the Shamans of the American Indians who, under the influence of drugs, go into trances and see hallucinations. Superstitious cultures have always tended to regard public demonstrations of "spirit possession," seizures, hallucinations, and forms of dementia as being manifestations of divine influence.


CHURCH MEANING: Pertaining to "spirits" and the "spirit world," including God (a "spirit being"). Having to do with one's "spirit" or "soul." Also, inferring a quality of righteousness or holiness.

Status of, or association with, the mystical and supernatural; connection or affinity with supernatural powers, communications, and insights. An elite, inexplicable connection with God.

Association or connection with invisible spirit beings.

CORRECT MEANING: "Spiritual" means pertaining to spirit. "Spirit" is motive or disposition; therefore "spiritual" means pertaining to motive or disposition. Motive and disposition effect a man's emotion and drive, which in turn produce thoughts and actions.

A "spiritual" person is one who is motivated, disposed or compelled to a particular action. Or, he may be a motivator of others. Con men and salesmen are very "spiritual" in that they attempt to motivate action in others. A madman is very "spiritual" in that he, himself, is driven by bad spirits (bad motivations).

In Scripture, a "spiritual" man is often one who is motivated by the influence of God, by the Law, by reading Scripture, or by righteous peer pressure. A "spiritual gift" is one which moves us to accomplish something. Romans 7:14 says that "the law is spiritual" ... meaning that the law motivates man, giving him a particular disposition. A "spiritual" song is one which motivates those who hear it. "Spiritual wickedness" is motivation to act wickedly. That which is "of the spirit" is that which is produced by a motivation or disposition. "In the spirit," means in a state of being motivated or acting in accordance to one's disposition.

As you can see, the Bible contains many references to "motivation." Motivation (or disposition) is very important, and the writers of the Bible gave it much attention. Ill-directed motivation (evil spirit) carries us away into sin. Well-directed motivation (Godly spirit) carries us on the paths God prefers for us. "Spirit" (motivation; disposition) shows a person's intent. Intent is very important. Since man is imperfect, he cannot be judged solely by performance. INTENT (i.e., ones heart; or spirit) is the thing God judges. See Hebrews 4:12; I Samuel 16:7; Proverbs 21:2.


CONTROLLED MEANING: An immortal spirit entity that lives inside a person's body. The soul is that component inside a man which makes him superior to an animal (animals don't have souls, thus they cannot attain salvation or immortality). Being immortal, the soul lives before it enters a mans body at birth, and continues to live after he dies. It lives either in heaven or in hell after it exits the man's body at death. During the interim between a body's birth, and its death, the soul must be "saved" from going to hell. Souls that are saved (before the body dies) fly to heaven. Souls that are not saved (when the body dies) go to hell to burn alive forever more.

CORRECT MEANING: "Soul" is "your identity"; "how you are known." The word "soul" is used to refer to animals (Gen. 1:24), humans (Gen. 2:7), and even God (Jer. 9:9). It is not a ghost; it is not immortal (Ez. 18:4). Neither is it an independent component of a man. Rather, it is the whole composition of traits, characteristics and form which define a man or thing. It is the essential identity which distinguishes one creature from another.

A "soul" (Hbr: NEPHESH; Gk. PSUCHE) is a physical creature that breathes air. All manner of animals, as well as man, are "souls" (they don't have souls; they ARE souls). The Hebrew Old Testament tells plainly that man was made a "living soul" (Gen. 2:7, I Cor. 15:45). Creatures on land, in water, and in the air are "living souls" (Gen. 1:20, 21, 24). Ezekiel 18:4 states clearly that souls die.


CONTROLLED MEANING: A parcel of land having distinct borders and a central government. One such parcel of land united with other such parcels and jointly controlled by one larger "national" (central) government. A smaller sovereign government within a sovereign national government. One section of a multi-section nation.

CORRECT MEANING: "State" is the correct name for what people usually call a "nation." From the Greek "stat" fixed; stationary. A state is a fixed, ruling government over one body of people. Thus, what is called "The United States" is actually one large superstate.

"States" exist only in the minds of men. They are mental concepts … not physical entities.

A "state" (as in "The United States") is a corporate fiction existing purely in thought. Corporations, and all similar creations, are FICTIONS (Neither natural nor existing of themselves. Mere Imagination). They exist by agreement of thought between men. Likewise, a "State" exists ONLY in people's minds. It is not real! You cannot see it. You cannot feel it. A "State" is not a piece of land. A "State" is a political creation: a mental invention of men, designed to control the people within a given area. It is not a Biblical concept.



CHURCH MEANING: To swear or curse in a profane manner using the word "God."

ACTUAL MEANING: First, "God" is not a name – it is a title. Therefore, using the word "God" in any manner whatever, may be profane and unacceptable, but cannot be construed as "taking a NAME in vain." Secondly, the Biblical phrase "take the name ..." has the specific meaning of claiming affiliation with a higher authority. The phrase "in the NAME of ..." carries the same inference – namely, affiliation with a higher authority.

"Taking someone's name," or acting "in the name" of someone, was the common vernacular for claiming power of attorney under a benefactor, parent or higher authority. To perform an action, or make a promise, or incur a debt in "the name" of some person was essentially to assume that person's power of attorney (i.e., credit, reputation, or authority) as if acting personally on his directed authority in a sense of a business partner signing a company check, or in the sense of a son acting under the father's authority to transact business in his name.

To "take the name" of someone is a serious and sacred trust. To take that name "in vain" is to break that sacred trust by failing to honor an obligation or commission incurred while using that NAME. It means to bring shame upon the name, or make it less honorable. In terms of "taking the Lord's name in vain," the implication is that anyone who claims to be His child and a representative of His Kingdom (i.e., a Christian) will be held accountable for actions and deeds done in that "name." Anyone bringing shame upon God's authority by fraudulently claiming and acting in His name, or in being irresponsible with that trust, is in essence a thief – attempting to steal and/or misuse the good name of our Lord.


CONTROLLED MEANING: One who doesn't want to pay his fair share of the lawful taxes to support government.

TRUE MEANING: Given the fact that taxation is theft, and the U.S. Government is criminal, a "tax protester" is one who protests theft by criminals. Honest historians and visionaries know that forced taxation is armed theft. Every bright spot in the history of mankind was concurrent with a general movement away from taxation. The brightest time in America's history was during the times when taxes and government were the least.

It is ironic that people born in America are ignorant of what it was that brought their ancestors to this land. Just 200 years ago America was mostly wilderness with no appreciable government or taxes at all. People flocked to this New World by the millions to find the freedom that was denied them in the Old World (Europe and England). Back in those countries, the government and taxes were oppressive. They came to America to get away from the oppression of government.

Man's governments are parasites. As the parasite grows it consumes its host, the host loses vitality and can no longer support the huge parasite. At that point the government parasite must expand its tax base, or restructure itself. The expansion of Old-World government into the New World (America) was an attempt to replenish Old-World treasuries. They taxed the New World, but the people in the New World resented being taxed by a king 3000 miles away. So the people of the New World rebelled against the king and his taxes, and opted to create their own government here. Government was smaller, and taxes were much less ... at least in the beginning.

The irony is this: people today who most loudly condemn tax protesters are the same people who extol the virtues and vision of the early Americans who were themselves tax protesters. This country that was built by tax protesters is now infested with the biggest government and taxes on Earth.


CONTROLLED MEANING: One who reacts or protests against the government by unacceptable measures; usually an Arab, a White Supremacist, or a dissenter. Acts of violence against the government are acts against the citizenry as a whole.

ACTUAL MEANING: One who uses violence or the threat of violence to intimidate or coerce, especially for political reasons. Politicians (the true terrorists) label anyone, or any group, that reacts against government oppression as terrorists. Groups or nations too small to have their own military and air force are labeled "terrorists" when they fight against government oppression.

Big governments terrorize people and small nations by threats, intimidations, robbery, and war. This is true terrorism. Those who speak or act against government terrorism are counter-labeled "terrorists" by politicians and lackeys in the media. Terrorist-type incidents are commonly orchestrated by government intelligence (CIA, NSA, FBI, ATF, MI5, Mossad, etc.) agents sent to infiltrate dissident groups, inciting one or more of the weak-minded ones to "help them" do something immoral or illegal – like planting a bomb. Afterwards, the secret agents conveniently disappear, the blame is aimed at "terrorists," the police and media follow their scripts handed down to them, and the incident is used as an excuse to pass more laws to increase police and military powers.


CHURCH MEANING: "The called" are all the people of Earth. Everyone is "called" to salvation. "The chosen" are certain select few: the "elect." They are of a special "election" or "choosing" which is above the general "call" issued to the common people. All are "called" to salvation, but a few are also "chosen" for special service.

"For many are called, but few are chosen." (Mtt. 22:14 KW)

TRUE MEANING: "The called" are those who hear Christ's call to enter the Kingdom. In the Greek text they are "klatoi," which means literally "the called ones." The term "chosen," in the same verse, is a poor translation of the Greek word "ekklektoi," which means "the called-out ones." The word "chosen" does not express the real meaning.

The "called" (klatoi) are those to whom an invitation ("call") has been issued. The "called-out" (ekklektoi) are those who hear the "call" and actually respond. Many hear but do not respond. A few hear and actually do come out of Babylon and into the Reign of Christ. Thus, the scripture should read, "Many are called, but few are called-out."

The difference is not in the "call" itself, but in the hearers. Those who just hear are the "called." But those who hear and respond are "the called-out": the "ekklektoi."

Not too surprisingly, these "ekklektoi" ("the called-out ones") are the ones who make up the "ekklesia" ("the body of called-out ones").


CONTROLLED MEANING: The war of 1861-65 in which the northern states fought against the southern states over the issue of slavery. The South wanted slavery, and the North didn't. The North won the war and abolished slavery.

ACTUAL MEANING: "Civil War" is the term the government chose to label the war that has been more correctly called "The War Between The States," "The War of Northern Aggression," or "The War of Secession." It was not fought over Slavery, but rather over the issue of Secession. The issue of Slavery was not a main issue. It was introduced into the war propaganda machine after the war was in progress. Lincoln needed a public issue to legitimize his war. He chose Slavery; and the government held to that excuse.

The truth is that Lincoln's "Union" sanctioned slavery in the North as well ... until the time he decided to use the issue as an excuse for his war on the South. Political propagandists and newspapers were enlisted to spread the propaganda. Today, public schools teach, and most people believe, that the war was fought over slavery. But, every real historian knows that it was fought over State's Rights and the issue of Secession.

The South and the North were of different cultures. Northern economy was built around factories, city dwelling, and centralization. Southern economy was built around agrarian aristocracy (plantations), land ownership, and independent trade. Individual plantations in the South often developed their own economy, including international trading of their produce. The plantations were almost sovereign nations unto themselves. They didn't need Lincoln's government regulating and controlling their way of life.

Thus, when pressured by the "Union" to accept the intrusion of Northern mandates and controls, the Southern States chose to secede from the "Union." Lincoln, acting for the bankers and northern industry, refused to recognize their rights. The South did not want war. It just wanted independence and freedom to conduct its own affairs. But, Lincoln's government opted to destroy the South rather than lose control over it.


CONTROLLED MEANING: After Jesus was crucified and resurrected He went to Heaven. His coming ("return") will be from Heaven to reign and rule on Earth.

The time of His second coming is debated by theologians. Pre-millennialists argue it is before the millennium; Post-millennialists argue it is after the millennium, and A-millennialists argue that there is no millennium, and his return depends upon other factors. Preterists argue that He returned to Earth in 70AD, at the time of the destruction of Jerusalem.

TRUE MEANING: The Greek παρουσια (pa-rou-si'-a), which means "presence," is generally rendered "coming" by most English Bibles to infer that Jesus "will be coming" to Earth. It is an intentional mistranslation. Parousia means "presence." It does not mean "coming" or "will be present sometime in the future"; and by no stretch of the imagination does it mean "coming again." Bible translators have twisted it to fit their pagan church theology.

Church theology starts with the false premise that Jesus is absent and therefore must return. Rulers encourage this view. They like the idea of Jesus being absent, off in outer space, leaving Earth to be ruled by them. However, the good news of the Kingdom was that Jesus is King NOW. The apostles upset Caesar's kingdom by teaching "there is a different king, Jesus" (Acts 17:7). Jesus himself said He "is with us even to the end of the age" (Mtt 28:20). If He is with us, then He is not absent. If He is not absent, how can He "return"? Jesus is unseen, but not absent.

The "second coming" doctrine was created to deny his present Reign (Kingship). Churches teach people to take no note of Jesus' presence. Likewise, the people of Noah's day took no note, of Noah ... and perished.

For even as the days of Noah, so will be the presence of the Son of man. For as it was in those days BEFORE the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and being given in marriage, even to the day that Noah entered into the ark, and they took no note until the flood came and swept them all away. So will be the presence of the Son of man.— Mtt 24:37-39


CHURCH MEANING: A future thousand-year reign of Christ commencing upon his return to Earth. The Millennium is a prophesied time of peace upon Earth, with Jesus reigning as King while Satan is chained and confined to the bottomless pit (Rev. 20:1-3).

TRUE MEANING: A "millennium" is any one-thousand-year period. In the church world, "The Millennium" refers to a future thousand-year period defined in specific church doctrine. That doctrine claims that Jesus was raptured away from Earth to God's Kingdom in "Heaven" (outer-space) early in the first century AD. "The Millennium" doctrine removes Jesus and his Kingship far from Earth for approximately 2000 years, after which time Jesus and his Kingship will supposedly return back to Earth to rule the planet from his supposed headquarters in Jerusalem. As Earth's new King, He will then supposedly "rule with a rod of iron for a thousand years" – ergo, "The Millennium."

But in fact neither the word "Millennium," nor the concept, appear in the Bible. The doctrine came from Free Masonic writings, and goes something like this: Seven, the number of completion, was used by God to make the plan for man. It was to be seven thousand years in duration, after the pattern of the 7-day week. As the weekly sabbath cycle is seven days ending with a sabbath, so God's plan of salvation has seven thousand years ending with a "one-thousand-year Millennium."

Proponents of "the Millennium" doctrine claim it is Biblical, citing Rev. 20 which may almost seem appropriate at first glance. However, the Book of Revelation is highly symbolic, using figurative language to explain the effects of Christ's Kingdom (New Jerusalem) upon the Earth. These prophecies have been coming to pass since Jesus ascended his New Jerusalem Throne nearly 2000 years ago (Mtt. 28:18-20; Acts 2:29-36; I Cor. 15:25; Rev. 21:1-7; 22:6-10). Rev. 20 is a symbolic overview of that duration.

In Rev. 20, the Greek phrase "chilia etay," means "thousands years." Church theologians claim it signifies the Millennium doctrine of the churches. But it doesn't. The symbolic phrase does not indicate a specific number of years, but simply "a long time." It signifies that Christ's Reign is of long duration: many years. In Rev. 5:11, the term "thousands of thousands" does not indicated an exact million people, but rather a very great number of people. The actual number of people could be multiple-millions, as the number of years of Christ's Reign obviously indicated multiple-thousands of years. Indeed, He has reigned for nearly two millennia already.

Lastly, and most importantly, the Millennium doctrine of the churches is heresy because it denies the Kingship of Jesus. It sends Him off into outer space and separates Him from us, his sheep. In the minds of those stupefied by this destructive teaching, Christ's Kingdom is turned over to "Satan" (one of the gods of the churches), and mankind is left to struggle against supernatural spiritual forces that rule the Earth until Jesus decides to "return." It is an anti-Christ doctrine.

Christians must make up their mind. Either Jesus is KING, or he is not. If He is King, then He is reigning..


CONTROLLED MEANING: The common good of the people. The objective for which government enacts and enforces its laws. "The government protects the public interest."

CORRECT MEANING: A euphemism for "whatever is profitable for politicians." "The public interest" is the will of the government forced down the people's throats. It is central-government aggression perpetrated under the guise of "protecting the people from themselves."

In the public interest ... politicians tax us, lie to us, imprison us, put us in debt and increase their own salaries to five times that of the average American. A politician's ONLY real interest in the public is in plundering their wealth and finagling votes.


CHURCH MEANING: In John 1:1 KJV, "The Word" (Logos) is God Himself. This term also applies to Jesus, since Jesus is God. "The Word," and "Jesus," are interchangeable names for God Himself.

CORRECT MEANING: The English term "word" is an inadequate translation of the Greek "logos." "Logos" indicates communication. A "word" may not always communicate, but a "logos" does. The "logos" of John 1:1 represents communication from God to man. God was not the communication itself, but rather the source whence it issued. God has communicated with man in various ways, starting with Adam, then Moses, the Prophets, etc. Eventually God's communication was embodied in Jesus who was the most excellent expression of God to man (Heb. 1:1-2). As Mediator, Jesus communicated God's light and life (I Tim. 2:5).

When God's logos took on flesh, Jesus became, in effect, the Living Logos. He became the most excellent expression of God – much the same as a business LOGO expresses and symbolizes its company. If it is a good LOGO it expresses the identity, purpose, and character of that company.

"In the beginning was the logos [the communication], and the logos was of God [it was about God], and the logos was God (it expressed and revealed Him)."

As you can see, in the second instance "the logos" was not "with" God. Rather, it was "of" or "pertaining to" God. Also, in the third instance, "the logos" was not God Himself. Rather, it was "the expression of God." Here, "god" (Gk. theos) is an anarthrous predicate noun (i.e., it has no article) and functions somewhat like an adjective. It is not a personal noun. Examples of anarthrous nouns: God is love; Thy word is truth. "Love," and "truth" are anarthrous, and thus classify the subject but do not equal the subject. God is love, but we cannot say that "love is God." Thus it is with "the logos" and "God."

In 1 John 1:1-2, John (the same writer) further defines "the logos" as " the word (logos) of life" (the communication of life from God). Also, in verse 2, "...the life (from God) was manifested, and we have seen it, and bear witness, and shew to you that eonian life, which was of the Father, and was manifested to us" (first in Jesus, and then in us). That "life," and that "communication," both issued from God – but, they were not God Himself. The Creator and sender is not the thing created and sent. (see IS JESUS GOD? by Ben Williams)


CHURCH MEANING: A society ruled by priests and ministers installed at the top and given sweeping powers by God to rule with an iron rod. The priests speak for God, thus the public must obey the priests.

CORRECT MEANING: A true Theocracy may appear to be "Anarchy" to some because of its conspicuous absence of man's laws and men ruling. 'Theocracy" means "Government by God." It does not allow for man to rule man. A true Theocracy requires freedom and independence from the rule of man or the making of laws by man. Man is subject to God's laws only. Law enforcement is the responsibility of every free man (not police), and his actions are answerable to God who judges and metes out vengeance on anyone who would hurt or violate the sanctity of that freedom.

In a Theocracy, God is the only lawmaker. The laws don't change. If man acts lawfully, he increases. If man acts unlawfully, he decreases.


CHURCH MEANING: Men who avoid contact with bad women.

CORRECT MEANING: The "women" of this scripture were not ordinary flesh-and-blood women, but, rather corporate entities — churches, governments, schools, etc. These were "women" (i.e., daughters of Babylon).

Men who avoided defilement (affiliation) with that system of harlot organizations did so by opting, instead, to affiliate themselves with Jesus and His system (i.e., the ecclesia system). "These are they which follow the Lamb wherever he goes."

In the world system, there are thousands of organizations (harlots) — both religious and political — luring and tempting you to affiliate (defile) yourself with them. They pursue you like a harlot pursues customers ... hoping to acquire fresh victims for their perverted appetites (Gen. 19). Men who are dull of spirit from the effects of the "wine of Babylon" are more likely to be attracted to these harlot organizations. Once they are deceived and enticed by these harlots their mental processes are defiled. They can be redeemed back by Jesus, but it is better to avoid these "women" in the first place and retain your common sense and a sound mind.


CONTROLLED MEANING: A geographical division for local government. A municipal center for the local corporate community.

TRUE MEANING: An enclosed place or piece of ground protected by a wall, hedge, fence, etc. A farm with its farmhouse. The enclosed land of a village community. A field, garden, yard, courtyard.

The word "town" comes from the Celtic "tun" or "dun" (protected area). "Town" means "garden" ... as in the Garden of Eden. Adam's "garden" kingdom was a town. By the same token, towns in America were originally (and should still be today) gardens or "duns": i.e., protected areas in which folks live and conduct business – not merely designations or divisions of the Beast System. In the western states, up through the early 1900's, "towns" were usually started as communities of individual properties belonging to families and tradesmen as places for staging and for trading posts. They had no governments, no politics, and usually no problems.

In essence, the original "towns" were closer to the Biblical ecclesias – much like the Christian Ecclesias of the New Testament. (see ECCLESIA; PARADISE)


CONTROLLED MEANING: The betrayal of one's country. To sympathize with, or give aid and support to an enemy of one's country.

CORRECT MEANING: The betrayal of government. To sympathize with, or give aid and support to an enemy of the government.

Government wants us to think that treason is against "the country" (the land and people), but in fact it is against "the government." Government and country are two different things. A government is a pack of political conspirators conquering and controlling a country. Betrayal of government is not betrayal of the country. To oppose government is to support the country. "Rebellion (treason) to tyrants is obedience to God." (Thomas Jefferson)

Treason implies treachery, deceit, breach of faith. Such an offense would require that a basis for trust had existed in the first place. Residency, alone, does not automatically assume a basis for trust between the resident and the government in power. Some explicit form of commitment or trust must exist first ... otherwise betrayal (or treason) is impossible.

Failed rebellions are inevitably labeled "treason" by the government. Successful rebellions are called "government."


CHURCH MEANING: The Godhead. Three separate beings (Father, Son, & Holy Ghost) in one unified person: "God." The one true Christian God.

ACTUAL MEANING: The term "trinity" is not in the Bible. The word, and the concept, is entirely derived from pagan sources. Multi-faceted gods (dualisms, trinities, etc.) were, and are, commonplace in non-Christian religions. The Druids of ancient Briton had a triune deity. The pagan Romans had a two-faced deity named Janus. The Asians' Yin and Yang depicts a dual god. From the Babylonian mysteries (Zoroaster) featured a dualism with a good god and a bad god. The Egyptians, the Assyrians, the Hindus, the Buddhists, and other ancient religions had trinitarian godheads – often symbolized by triangles, father-mother-son figures, and/or three-headed human figures. (see Hyslop's The Two Babylons – chapter II: TRINITY IN UNITY)

Modern churches carry on the pagan tradition with their "Holy Trinity" handed down to them from mother Rome. Churches practice Babylonianism while claiming to be "Christian."

The true Creator God of the Bible is a singular entity: "Hear 0 Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord" (Deut. 6:4). Our Savior, Jesus, is the Son – not just an alternate name for the Father. The holy spirit is a drive; a motivation – not a person.


CONTROLLED MEANING: Oppressive and cruel rulership.

CORRECT MEANING: Absolute government. The claim of sovereignty; lordship. Originally, those who used this word intended no bad connotation.

"Tyrannia." is the Latin and Greek word for "sovereignty." All rulers, or governments, claiming "sovereignty," are tyrants by definition, and operate by tyranny. Such governments (like the U.S. Government) are usurpers of God who is the only true Sovereign.



CONTROLLED MEANING: Working together for a common, central principle in spite of individual differences. Agreement by creed, oath or membership for the sake of power in numbers. Uniformity through pledge and contract is necessary to achieve good things. Disunity (independence) prevents success.

CORRECT MEANING: From Latin UNITAS, oneness; the state of being one; uniformity. True unity among men is impossible. Men are each different and not intended to be uniform. "Common obligation" through pledge, membership or compact is voluntary-servitude — not "unity." However, under the banner of "UNITY," assuming it to be the same as common obligation, people allow themselves to be herded together like cattle for the profit of the political or religious herdsmen.

The strength of Christian society is not in membership and pledges to bind men together, but in "free individuals bound together by the spirit of Christ." Democracies, Unions and Churches teach "mob power." But, freedoms are destroyed through "pledges" (Jms 5:12). The world says 'The majority rules." Christ says the majority leads to destruction (Mtt 7:13-14).


CONTROLLED MEANING: Excessive interest on money lent: i.e.. a higher rate of interest than allowed by local statute. If no limits are set by statute, there can be no usury because interest is legal no matter how high it goes.

TRUE MEANING: Exorbitant profit on anything (Dt 23:19). Usury is strictly forbidden by God's law. Any interest or increase exacted by a lender from a borrower as the price of a loan is usury and is condemned by Scripture (Exodus 22:25; Leviticus 25:35; Deuteronomy 23:19). Jesus taught that usury is theft (Matthew 25:26-27).

Price gouging is usury. Over-charging for anything is usury. Interest (rent) charged for use of money is usury because it is exorbitant, for money is non-productive, nor is it devalued by age or use, and therefore cannot be rented like a house or a piece of equipment.

As money changes hands, it changes owners. Like wine or bread, money is used up (extinguished) in its use. Unlike a house or equipment, it cannot be returned in the same manner given, any more than the wine and bread can be used and then returned. As with the use of wine or bread, the former owner of money cannot charge for use of the money he no longer owns.

"He who takes usury for a loan of money acts unjustly for he sells what does not exist . . ." (Aristotle)

Through usury, the rich permanently rule the poor, enslave them, gain possession of all their property and thus control nations.

"The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender." — Proverbs 22:7

In societies where usury is not prohibited, and debt continues from generation to generation, family inheritances are all eventually lost to the bankers.

In the Scriptures, "usury" is translated from:

1. HEBREW "naskak": A sting (as a serpent): interest on a debt.
2. GREEK "tokos": interest on money loaned.



CONTROLLED MEANING: A teaching method which leads students through critical thought training, helping them develop the ability to re-evaluate traditional and accepted moral values.

TRUE MEANING: 'Values Clarification" is merely an euphemism for brainwashing and invasion of privacy! A deplorable strategy for the systematic tearing down of proven Christian family values and the setting up of Humanistic values. N.E.A. agents (government-owned and trained school teachers) are trained to manipulate and mentally bully the vulnerable children who are yet unable to adequately defend themselves.

By taking children through theoretic moral dilemmas which they are yet too immature to address, and for which there is often no real solution, the children are confused, conquered and then persuaded that traditional standards of right and wrong are nothing but folly.
"Yea, hath God said 'Ye shall not eat . . .'?" —Genesis 3:1


CONTROLLED MEANING: Uncivilized, ungodly force. Mean, hurtful behavior. Any and all physical force used against another person. Violence is barbaric, and victimizes the weaker members of society. It is never appropriate because it hurts people and animals. Christians should never use violence to settle their problems.

CORRECT MEANING: Strong, swift, physical force. Violence can be good, or bad — depending upon the situation. In many instances God's Law demands violence. Violence is an appropriate option for self defense against physical attack or harm. For a Christian man to be the protector of his family, violence must be an option at his disposal. A man must not be stripped of his means to provide for, and protect, his family (I Tim. 5:8).

In America, there has been a concerted movement toward "non-violence." This propaganda, along with the "women's liberation" movement, has been programmed into the minds of American men. Acceptance of this doctrine of non-violence has cost American men their manhood.

The true strength of Western and European culture has been the family unit — including communities of families (i.e., clans or tribes). Family-oriented society is based upon privacy, property, and the independence of each family unit — with the man as leader and protector of each unit. For this proven system to function and prosper, the man must be strong (both physically and spiritually) and thus capable of violence when required. When Christian men are responsible, and potentially violent, they are capable of defending their people against Babylon's political and religious wolves.

The "women's lib" and "non-violence" movements were designed to undermine the above-described God-given protections. The "liberated woman" no longer views the man as leader and protector. And, men been emasculated. Removing the option of violence from the hands of the common man leaves responsibility for that society to women and children — thus, they are vulnerable to religious/political thugs. While government tells citizens that "violence is bad" the government itself uses violence, or the threat of violence, as its answer for all things.



CONTROLLED MEANING: A declared conflict or prolonged battle between nations. America fights wars to preserve the peace and make the world safe.

CORRECT MEANING: The word "war" derives from a Teutonic root meaning to confuse; to embroil; to be in conflict. War can be waged by anyone, and between any two or more parties. Typically, however, war is expressed at the level of government and is called "national war."

In the mind of the common man, "war" is generally equated with "all-out war," or "total war" – meaning to the death or until one side surrenders. The truth, however, is that "total war" is never waged by "advanced" nations. Rather, war is calculated, regulated, and usually funded (both sides) from behind the scenes by bankers who alone benefit from it.

American parents allow their sons and daughters to be sent to war to kill and be killed, destroy, loot and torture people and communities … "enemies" of whom they have no acquaintance or knowledge – all because it is called "war."

When the President declares war, Americans get patriotic and support it … without asking what war? Whose war? And why? Its as if Americans like war … like a football game.

The truth is, war is never between the people of the nations. Wars are always between Governments ... for the benefit of the bankers and politicians (who never fight in the wars). People don't war against people! People have disputes. Sometimes they even have feuds. These are settled between the principle parties – without involving their neighbors.

Governments, however, war against other governments by forcing their slave citizens, who know nothing about the conflict and have no stake in the matter, to kill and destroy for them. Citizens enslaved by one government system are pitted against citizens enslaved by another government system. They kill one another until one the bankers are satisfied. Like pawns in a Chess game, citizens are spent like cannon fodder to enrich bankers and feed their lust for power.

Wars are between governments ... not between peoples and lands. Wars are fought, not for the people, but for governments. The people always suffer. Politicians, Bankers, Lawyers, and Undertakers prosper from wars, and they alone should fight them! This would benefit us in two ways: 1. War would be brief, and 2. A true criminal class would diminish in numbers.

In 1861, Yankee citizens were forced to kill, loot, and ravage the South so that Lincoln and his banker friends could ostensibly "preserve the Union and abolish slavery." Secretly the war architects chuckled because their real objective was not to emancipate the Negro, but to bring all races to a common level of slavery under enfranchisement and debt to these same bankers. The New World Order hated the South ... NOT because it had slavery, but because it had PLANTATIONS – independent communities with their own economies having no need of bankers or politicians. In one stroke, the New World Order crushed the South and virtually eliminated the future threat of independent communities. Private industry could no longer achieve independence from central banking and central government.


GOVERNMENT MEANING: Unapproved or unacceptable acts committed during war; generally prosecuted and punished after the war's end.

Guidelines for acceptable warfare tactics are set out by conventions and treaties agreed upon by international leaders. Acts which fall outside these guidelines may be punishable as war crimes.

ACTUAL MEANING: The term "war crimes" — as used since WW II — was invented as a tool for empowering Zionists (both Jews and Churchgoers) who needed a way to vent their blood lust and never-ending hatred against Germans. The wanton accusing, hunting down, and prosecuting of targeted Germans for "war crimes" has been sanctioned by the United Nations and the United States Government. International Israeli agents are even allowed to kidnap their victims and take them to Israeli prisons to be tortured and killed. This witch hunt continues even to this day over half a century after the war.

After the turn of the century the U.S. Government turned its attention from Germans to Muslims – the only remaining ethnic group to reject the New World Order. Thus, Muslims were demonized and became the focus of war propaganda invented by spin-masters in American government and news media. Now the term "war crimes" means whatever the President and his co-conspirators want it to mean.

Given the true nature of the wars waged in recent centuries — particularly those waged by the United States Government — the term "war crimes," as it is commonly used, is itself patently absurd. When the government and its military are criminal, then its wars are criminal as well. Thus, it is fraud and hypocrisy to ostensibly demonize the hapless victims under "war crimes" when the whole war machine is, itself, criminal from the outset.

When the war itself is the real crime, those who control and implement it are the real criminals: politicians who invent the war, oil and drug magnates for whom the wars are fought, the media that covers up for them, bankers who profit from it all, and war generals who do their bidding.


CONTROLLED MEANING: A concerted effort by government to rid the nation of illegal drugs and protect the public.

CORRECT MEANING: A ploy by plutocrats in league with central government to create a monopoly on the drug market. Plutocrats use the lucrative drug market to finance wars, to pay bribes and finance elections, and to enlarge their personal fortunes.

The "war" is used to create an ostensible "national enemy" for the purpose of stealing additional wealth from the public under the false premise of fighting this invented enemy. This illusionary war is also used to infringe upon the rights and privacy of citizens through unrestricted searches and seizures, with judges and policemen having greater powers to invade and confiscate private property and control the lives of citizens.

The truth is that the government has waged no real war on drugs. Government is waging war against its competition in the drug market! The American Government (especially the CIA) is the biggest drug runner in the world. The CIA, with its personal airline (Air America) has flown multiple tons of drugs out of southeast Asia into America and various ports around the world to sell for billions of dollars – putting huge amounts of drugs on the streets of America – to finance wars and pad the pockets of their agents (like Ollie North, Bill Clinton and the Bush family). Then the politicians tell the stupid American public that they are fighting a war on drugs.


CONTROLLED MEANING: A term for certain basic rights historically denied women due to Male Chauvinism and general prejudice against females. These rights are in the process of being recovered by the "Women's Rights Movement" started in 1900 (Female Suffrage Movement). Since then the Women's Movement has championed more and more basic rights and equalities for women through court battles and media exposure.

TRUE MEANING: Code term given to an anti-family political scheme to undermine Christian values and ruin women in general. The so-called "Women's Rights Movement" sought no freedoms, and won no freedoms for women. Rather, through bribery, blackmail, legal and political trickery, and campaigns of lies it has created a false scenario for women into which they are drawn to be tricked and ruined. But women are not the only target. As the American woman is destroyed, the family unit – the basis of Christian society – is destroyed as well.

With the Women's Rights Movement, like other "rights" movements (e.g., Civil Rights, Gay Rights, etc.), the true agenda was kept secret. A shinny picture was painted for public consumption, but their hidden agenda was sinister. "Women's Lib" leaders told the public they wanted fairness and equality with men, but in fact they wanted POWER OVER men – and they got it. They also wanted, and got, legal indulgence to abort their babies; government financial support to alleviate the need for men; day care centers to relieve them of child rearing; preference over men in the work place; and social approval to dress and act like harlots which in turn contributed to the process of turning the American male into foolish idiots.

The upshot is that, in today's world, women have been empowered and men have been dis-empowered. That is, women enjoy a legal and societal license to do basically whatever they please. The resultant power structure of the Women's Movement has grown so large it is now able to fund related movements to shape American society, further obviate the family unit and pervert the minds of Americans … especially American youth.


CHURCH MEANING: The planet Earth. The Universe. The physical plane as compared to the spirit plane. The things of the Earth, as opposed to the things of "Heaven." "Worldly" things are Earthly and therefore "ungodly" in the sense that the Earth is the domain of Satan who is "the god of this world" (2 Cor. 4:4).

TRUE MEANING: From Germanic origin, meaning "age of a man" or "course of a man's life." Modern use of this word bears little or no resemblance to its original meaning. To add to the confusion, the King James translators took nine different and diverse Hebrew and Greek words, heaped them all together and rendered them all "world."

For instance, the Hebrew word "olam" and the Greek word "aion" – both of which mean "age" – were generally rendered world or "eternal" by the KJV translators. The Hebrew word "ehrets" (meaning "land") was rendered "world." The Hebrew word "taybale" (meaning "inhabitants of the land") was rendered "world." The Greek word "oikoumenay" (meaning "domain," and thus "house, or family or kingdom, or empire") is rendered "world." The Greek word "kosmos" (meaning "system") was rendered "world" – probably the only correct translation of the group.

Many of the well-worn church phrases, like "... end of the world," take on a completely different meaning when the correct word (in this case "age") is used.


CONTROLLED MEANING: The act of attending church services and listening to a preacher.

CORRECT DEFINITION: A verb contraction of the Old English "worthship," meaning a Lord or King; someone worthy of bowing before (in submission). In Hebrew and Greek, the words translated "worship" clearly signify 1. menial labor, 2. service, 3. prostrating and humbling one's self before a master. It has little, if any, relation to how it is used in the churches. It is not related to eloquent oratory, entertainment, or weekly meetings. Rather, it is sincere respect for, and dependence upon, an Almighty God.

True Christian worship (work and fear) cannot be fulfilled in churches. It must be done daily at home, in your families, in the communities, in the market places, and hopefully someday in civil society.





Anti-Thought-Control Dictionary created by American Christian Ministries
"If any man have ears to hear, let him hear." – Mark 4:23