Kingdom Bible Study

Written by Ben Williams

Prepared to be saved and/or printed out for your personal study.

Each of the 20 lessons explains what you most likely missed in conventional Bible studies as taught by the typical church.

Each lesson has various questions to be answered as you proceed.

It is suggested that these lessons be printed out and punched to fit a large 3 ring  binder.

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  1. Lesson 1: WHO'S WHO?-The Correct Meaning of Names
  2. Lesson 2: WHO's WHO?-Understanding Word Meanings
  3. Lesson 3: WHO's WHO?-The Lost Sheep
  4. Lesson 4: WHO's WHO?-The Descendants of Israel
  5. Lesson 5: CHRIST'S SHEEP-Modern-Day Israel
  6. Lesson 6: THE JUDEANS-The Judeans of the New Testament
  7. Lesson 7: TRADITIONS AND PRACTICES OF THE JUDEANS-The Culture of the Judeans
  8. Lesson 8: BABYLONIAN-STYLE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT-Judean Centralized Government
  9. Lesson 9: JUDEAN CENTRAL GOVERNMENT-Centralization
  10. Lesson 10: CHURCH VS ECCLESIA-Confusion of Terms
  11. Lesson 11: Key Judeo-Christian Doctrine
  12. Lesson 12: THE "IMMORTAL SOUL" DOCTRINE Part 2-Old Testament "Soul"
  13. Lesson 13: THE "IMMORTAL SOUL" DOCTRINE Part 3-Old Testament Teaching on Death
  14. Lesson 14: THE "IMMORTAL SOUL" DOCTRINE Part 4-New Testament "Soul"
  15. Lesson 15: THE "IMMORTAL SOUL" DOCTRINE Part 5-Objections Answered
  16. Lesson 16: THE DOCTRINE OF "HELL" Part 1-Introduction
  17. Lesson 17: THE DOCTRINE OF "HELL" Part 2-Introduction
  18. Lesson 18: SPIRIT VS SPIRITISM Part 1-Introduction
  19. Lesson 19: SPIRIT VS SPIRITISM-Part 2-Introduction
  20. Lesson 20: DEMONISM-Introduction