Pastor Sheldon Emry was a man of many talents, one of which was producing an interesting and informative newsletter. Besides his radio broadcasts, tapes, printed books and literature, he felt that his supporters deserved the personal touch of a newsletter, mailed to them on a monthly basis.

We are fortunate to have in our ever growing number of library visitors, those who have contributed such items as a file of Sheldon's old newsletters. We really shouldn't say old, because most are as applicable today, as the day he wrote them. We hope you enjoy and learn from them as the people who got them originally.

For better readability, we chose to re-typeset them



In the spring of 1984, Pastor Emry suffered a major heart attack and underwent by-pass surgery. At the beginning, he didn't know whether he was going to live. During his hospital stay, he had the time to do much Bible study, prayer and thought about the future of America's Promise and the Kingdom ministries in general.

He related to this in the May 1984 Newsletter. Remember, computers were still just a "new-fangled gadget" in 1984 and Al Gore hadn't yet invented the internet. It would have been beyond Pastor Emry's wildest dream to envision the communicative power of the internet nor that someday, there would be a Memorial Library, containing his entire works, available for any Christian in the world to access.

Covering subjects such as:

  1. Gold
  2. Farm Crises
  3. Christianity vs. Hinduism
  4. Our Alien Problem
  5. Billy Graham & Russia

The following are some of the newsletters produced by Pastor Williams after the death of Sheldon Emry