During his extensive radio and tape ministry, Pastor Sheldon Emry received a steady flow of questions from his listening audience. He went to great efforts to give each person a Biblically sound and researched answer.

He accumulated and compiled some of the most common questions, together with his answer, into 20 individual publications. They are presented here with an index to help find a specific question.


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Issue #1 - November 1979

1. Is interracial marriage forbidden? Did Moses marry a negro?
2. Was one of Solomon's wives a Negro?
3. Is it useless to send Identity material to evangelists?
4. Did Adam pre-exist in the heavens before the earth was formed?
5. Explain the "Son of God" and the "sons of God"?
6. Is it wrong to borrow money at interest for a home?
7. What about Halloween?

Issue #2 - December 1979

1. What is your definition of the Identity message?
2. What is the valley of Jehoshaphat?
3. Explain the Church, Israel, and non-Israelites in the Kingdom.
4. What is the difference between Catholic and Protestant churches?
5. Will Protestants and Catholics unite to form a world church?
6. What is God doing about the wicked?
7. Explain the contradiction between Acts 9:7-8 and Acts 22:9.
8. Is "Yashua" the correct name rather than Jesus?

Issue #3 - March 1980

1. Explain Semite, Hebrew, Israelite, and Jew.
2. Was Jesus a Jew? Were the Apostles?
3. Why did Jesus say that salvation was "of the Jews?"
4. Preachers say "We owe the Jews so much." What do we owe them?
5. Were Esther and Mordecai Jews or Israelites?
6. Should the Book of Esther be in the Bible?

Issue #4 - May 1980

1. How do you explain the 1500-mile cube city in Revelation?
2. Can you explain the resurrection in Matthew 27:51-54?
3. You say there is no burning hell. What about the Rev. 20 lake of fire?

Issue #5 - August 1980

1. Why go to Washington every year if things are going to happen anyway?
2. To become an Identity minister must I go to a seminary?
3. Why have the Indians of North America been so persecuted?
4. What does Christ or the Bible say about self-defense?
5. 1 John 3:15 says, "no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him."

What about murder by abortion or other ways?

Issue #6 - September 1980

1. If God is love, why has He allowed wars? .
2. Is Herbert W. Armstrong what he claims he is, God's only Apostle?
3. What is the meaning of "not under the law?"
4. Was Ruth, the Moabitess, a non-White?

Issue #7 - November 1980

1. What or who are the 144,000 of Rev. 7?
2. What is the seal in the foreheads of the 144,000?
3. Why are the names of Ephraim and Dan not in the 144,000?
4. Who were the Nicolaitanes of Revelation 2?

Issue #8 - December 1980

1. What does the New Testament say about usury?
2. Who is the Antichrist?
3. Please explain the child of the daughter of Zion in Micah 4:10?

Issue #9 - January 1981

1. Why did the Judeans not associate with the Samaritans?
2. Were Galileans different than Judeans?
3. Were the Rothschilds Jews? Did they support Lenin and communism?
4. Is it true that the yellow race will rule the world?
5. Explain Joel 3:10, "... plowshares into swords..."
6. Is cremation of dead bodies Biblical?

Issue #10 - April 1981

1. I believe we are true Israel. What shall I do about my church?
2. Were there people here before Adam?
3. Why did Elisha command the king to chop down all the good trees in 2 Kings 3:19?     Was not this a violation of God's Law?
4. Is there any secular and historical proof that Jesus lived?

Issue #11 - July 1981

1. Does the Bible authorize Christians to use weapons in self.defense?
2. Who crucified Jesus; Roman soldiers, or Jews?
3. Explain AMER and RICA meaning "Heaven's Kingdom."

Issue #12 - October 1981

1. What is meant by "The Law and the Prophets were until John..."
    My friends use this to insist we are no longer to observe God's Laws.
2. What is the meaning of the word "adultery?"

Issue #13 - January 1982

1. Is use of the cross idolatry?
2. Explain "the dry bones" of Ezekiel 37.
3. Was Satan or someone other than Adam the father of Cain?

Issue #14 - April 1982

1. Should we keep the Passover today?
2. What is "the baptism of the Holy Ghost?"
3. Why is your ministry so different from contemporary religions?

Issue #15 - July 1982

1. What is your explanation of "the mark of the beast?"

Issue #16 - September 1982

1. In what do you disagree with Billy Graham?
2. Can Christians charge non-Christians usury?
3. How can bankers become rich when they have to pay higher costs?

Issue #17 - January 1983

1. Did they use wine or grape juice at the Lord's Supper?
2. What was Paul's "Thorn in the flesh?"
3. Is the graduated income tax advocated in the Communist Manifesto?

Issue #18 - April 1983

1. Why doesn't Pastor Emry preach Christ and stay out of politics?
2. You claim that Jewish culture is compatible with Communism. Why?
3. What is the origin of the Midianites?

Issue #19 - May 1983

1. Is it Scriptural to "anoint" with oil and promise deliverance from trouble and death?

Issue # 20 - October 1983

1. What is the history of usury in the Christian era?
2. Is Jesus part of a "Trinity"?


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