The Messages of Pastor Sheldon Emry

and, beginning in 1981, sometimes filled in by his assistant Pastor, Ben Williams


 During his ministry, he recorded hundreds of pulpit and radio broadcast messages and placed them on audio cassette tapes to mail to all who requested them on a loan basis. Each cassette usually had a pulpit sermon on side A and side B contained copies of radio messages.

As with everything else, technology and economics have impacted the recording and distribution of cassette tapes. The internet has replaced the written and broadcast word, and now serves as a primary media to continue digital audio messages via what is known as MP3 audio files.

Several collections have been acquired, converted and edited into MP3 files. More messages will be added to this web site as they become available from a few dedicated people who realize the importance of keeping alive the Kingdom Gospel as only Pastor Emry could present it.

Please Note:

These taped messages have, sometimes, been duplicated several times and, unlike in digital recordings, the quality usually suffers. Also, some tapes may have advertising embedded in them. During the editing process, we have tried to remove this, but may have missed a few. Therefore, don't use any address given on a tape.

The tape numbering scheme is as follows:

  1. The first two digits are the year.
  2. That last two digits are the week number within the year.
  3. The letter distinguishes the tape within the week.

Some of the years once contained a series of 3 digit tapes. For Clarity, these have been moved to a separate page. To go to that page, CLICK HERE.

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We have Pastor Emry's/Lord's Covenant Church messages listed as to the year they were recorded.

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