The legacy of Pastor Sheldon Emry lives on.

— To The Glory of Almighty God —


The people involved with this Memorial Library hope to preserve the teachings of Pastor Emry and his insightful perception of the Kingdom Ministry.

After his death in 1985, a void in leadership became obvious to those who had appreciated Sheldon's style of teaching.

Sheldon rose to the top, without stepping on anyone. However, some ministers resented Sheldon for his success and for some of his teachings. They often feigned friendship with him and kept their true motives secret. These ministers had not filled the need for leadership left by Sheldon's death.

In the spring of 2007, a decision was made to rekindle this lamp in the form of the Sheldon Emry Memorial Library. Today, thanks to the power of the internet, most of the works of Pastor Sheldon Emry are available anywhere in the world — available to anyone who God directs to this website.

Before Sheldon died he had selected a man to succeed him and continue his ministry. If you look on page 5 of the Feb, 1984 America's Promise Newsletter, you will see a young fellow by the name of Ben Williams. Ben, 38 at the time, was Sheldon's assistant pastor. Sheldon had hand-picked him as his assistant in 1980. Later, when his death became a possible reality, Sheldon specifically named Ben as his successor. Even in poor health, Sheldon's mind remained sharp right to the end. By the time of Sheldon's death, Ben had already served as pastor in Sheldon's absence for over a year while Sheldon was too ill to stand on his own.

After Sheldon's death in 1985, Ben Williams was elected both Pastor and General Manager of  the entire ministry (Announcement - June 16, 1985) and continued in the spirit in which he and Sheldon had worked. Unfortunately, unknown to Ben, non-spiritual happenings within the governing body, placed him in a position where resignation was the only Christian path Ben could follow. In the summer of 1986, Ben moved to Oregon, and later to Idaho. Today, Ben's ministry is based out of Grangeville, Idaho where he is still teaching and publishing Biblical studies and political commentaries ministering to a "Scattered Remnant" — but avoiding the conventional "church" format that had become the standard way everyone seemed to follow, usually leading to failure.

Since several of you have asked about Ben Williams, he may be reached at the following address:

Ben Williams
American Christian Ministries
PO Box 740
Grangeville, ID 83530

To visit Ben's websites go to:

  1. Ben Williams Library
  2. ACM Outpost-Ben Williams Blog