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Heirs of the Promise

This has to be one of the most important booklets that Pastor Emry ever wrote. It is a transcription of the VHS movie by the same name. In just a few pages, you are shown your true heritage, descending from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as a true Israelite. To listen to audio tapes, goto:   7922a  -  7922b  -  7922c


Billions for the Bankers — Debts for the People

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This block buster book by Pastor Emry made waves in the secular world when he clearly showed the fallacy of our money/debt system, to which America is now a slave. Learn how your slave masters control you. As it appears today, all the points made by this book, are coming to pass. Everyone should study this great book. For a detailed memorandum of law usable in court as evidence and proving the FRAUD of the illegal money system that makes possible the exploitation described in this sermon, see: The Money Scam, Form #05.041 (OFFSITE LINK)


Bible Law On Money

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This powerful booklet gets straight to the point of how our debt-usury system is in violation of God's Laws. For a detailed memorandum of law useful in proving that God's laws on money have been violated and proving the corruption of our money system, CLICK HERE.


The Old Jerusalem is not the New Jerusalem


The Old Testament Christians

Read and learn when our Christian faith actually began.

This book is a transcription of sermon Tape No. 7928a, 7928b, and 7928c


The New Testament Israel


Who Are Israelites


A study of the word Gentile

by Pastor Curtis Clair Ewing


An Open Letter to any Minister Who Teaches "the Jews are Israel"


The Rapture of the Saints

A Documented Expos by Duncan McDougall


The Rapture of the Wicked

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Should Christians Love The Wicked?

Learn the truth which corrects the lies taught by most churches today. This book is a transcription of sermon tape No. 8208. Explains how false prophets have completely twisted the Scripture to create a nation of blind, passive sheep!


Where Is Your Soul After Death?

Gone immediately to heaven or hell? Or, peacefully asleep, awaiting the resurrection, as the Bible says! Learn for sure by reading Pastor Emry's article.


The Dead Are Asleep

Further proof of the state of the dead from this transcription of Sermon Tape #8031b


Thou Shalt Surely Die

By: G. Marsh Hilbourne & Michael T. Wark with guidance from Pastor Emry, this is a great book referenced by Pastor Emry. It cuts thru all the false doctrine and Baal lies coming from most pulpits today. Learn where you really go after death!


The Satan Controversy

A compilation of articles published by Pastor Emry in the May & Dec 1978 Issues of the America's Promise Newsletter. Sheldon Emry goes where few ministers have gone, to expose the false "devil" doctrines preached by most "Christian" churches.


Give The Devil His Due

Finally available! The complete transcription of Pastor Emry's tape series by the same name. Through this exhaustive study, he proves this false doctrine of a super-natural Satan, to be from man — not the Word of God! Courtesy of Ben Williams & Paul Bunch. This document derives from Sermon Tapes 7810a through 7813b.


That Old Serpent Called the Devil and Satan

The complete transcription of Pastor Emry's Sermon Tapes 8001a and 8001b. Learn the truth about the old serpent that caused so much trouble to Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden. Learn how our "churches" have lied to us.


GOD Punishes Israel

This sermon by Pastor Emry explains how America's problems are a punishment from God until Christian Israel, like our forefathers, repents and turns to Him.


God Sold Israel Into Captivity

Sheldon preached this message in 1982, yet, today, it resonates the reasons for our country's situation. An eye opener for those who haven't found the truth behind our nations woes. A transcription of Sermon Tape No. 8202a and 8202b



Is Doctrine Important?

A transcription of Sermon Tape No. 8309, this is an important message to all of Christendom. It dispels the ecumenical theory of replacing the true Word of God, with "feel-good" theology. This transcription is courtesy of Ben Williams.


History of Bible Law & Index

A 5 page pamphlet that briefly tells how we got God's Laws plus an index of Bible Laws applying to: Civil Authority; Citizens & Aliens; Taxation and Welfare; National Defense; Civil Justice Procedures; Family Life; Life and Death; Sexual Immorality; Property and Economics; Sabbaths and Feasts


Coming Soon: America Without Debt, Crime or War

One of Pastor Emry's first books, it is loaded with illustrations and a clear analysis of our evil money system, all run by "bankers." Learn God's solution that will restore our Christian Israel nation to a money system given in the Holy Bible.


America Will Turn - Suddenly!

What will it take for America to recover from her downward spiral? Pastor Emry gives the answer in this book, from a 1970 sermon by the same name.


This Thy Might

America is weak - Overrun by our enemies! We appear powerless to resist the forces against us. Like our Israelite forefathers, we have shunned God and our enslavement is his punishment. When we finally humble ourselves before God Almighty, He will provide the strength as He did with Gideon. This is a transcription of Sermon Tape #7706b.


God's Bible Laws on Military Draft and Warfare

Written against the backdrop of the Vietnam War, Pastor Emry's booklet is as applicable today as then. As with all God's Laws — followed and with His help, you win. Not followed and you're on your own — to lose! This document derives from Sermon Tape 8004a, 8004b, and 8004c.


Is Christmas Christian?

All Christians should read Pastor Emry's eye opening book about the pagan origin of one of the most deceiving holidays observed by most. This must stop before God will, again, bless America! ! !


Early Americans Frowned On Christmas

This 2 page pamphlet reveals how early Americans of the Massachusetts Bay Colony outlawed the pagan practice of Christmas.


Thanksgiving In America

Pastor Emry re-focuses our attention to the Christian reason we celebrate Thanksgiving in America. Anyone new to the library should read and share this booklet.


Paul and Joseph of Arimathea

Learn how the Gospel got to the British Isles; How the first church of Rome was in Briton; How the "lost" tribes of Israel spread over Europe; How "ministers" hide the truth from you.


The Masterminds of Stonehenge

This small book by Paul Bunch so dispelled the idea that Briton, at the time of Stonehenge, was inhabited by "savages," that Pastor Emry decided to publish it.


Who Killed Christ?

Deceitful ministers continue the lie that Roman soldiers killed Christ. This booklet proves the truth, that Jewish Scribes and Pharisees were the murderers of Christ.


The Rich Man and Lazarus

A true story or a parable? Sheldon Emry gives a Biblical interpretation that proves this was a parable. Anyone who believes that this was a story, supporting a literal burning hell, should read this booklet.


Cinderella: Israel in Disguise

Everyone knows this old Saxon folk tale, but few realize it was, also, a parable about true Israel. Typical of English literature, the writer disguises a hidden story into a popular tale that lives on in plays, movies etc.


The Seven Sins of Canaan

"By their fruits ye shall know them"

Americans pray for peace, but get more war. Why doesn't God hear our prayers? This book is must reading for every concerned American! This document is derived from Sermon Tape 7003a.


Jesus Christ The Galilean

This book should be read by anyone who believes the lie, "Jesus was a Jew." Biblical proof that Jesus spent most of his life in Galilee.


I Will Send You Elijah The Prophet


The Abrahamic Covenants

Are They Fulfilled or Forgotten?


The Marks of Israel

— A Comparison Between The Jews and Anglo-Saxondom —

This document derives from Sermon Tapes 8013a and 8013b.


Drugs In Prophecy

Written in the 80's, this book is more applicable today than ever before.


The Great 1976 Swine-Flu Caper

Swine-Flu - Deja-vue! Just in case anyone has forgotten, our enemies tried this one before. Pastor Emry met them head-on with this 4 page article. Also, check reference reading room for additional information.


There Are Disciples Of Baal In America

Learn who they are and what God says He's going to do with them! This document derives from Sermon Tapes 7224a, 7224b, 7225a, and 7225b


What is Mystery Babylon?

This is one of the best books that Pastor Ermy wrote. It is so relevant today, that it should be at the top of every Christians reading list. This subject is also covered in Sermon Tapes 8527 through 8537


Reference Reading Room   

Throughout Pastor Emry's ministry, he frequently referred to books and material from outside sources. As we expand this library, we plan to make available some of these volumes. To preserve clarity, this material will be placed in a separate area, called the "Reference Reading Room."