Give The Devil His Due

by Pastor Sheldon Emry

Probably, one of the most controversial studies Sheldon Emry did during his lifetime was his series of sermons in 1978, bearing the title: "Give the Devil his Due." While this opened the eyes of true-Israelite Christians, it created a tsunami on the shores of those Identity groups who were/are preaching the false doctrine of the "Two-Seedline." To maintain their false doctrine, they must have their (god) of a false "Satan."

We owe a debt of gratitude to Pastor Ben Williams and Paul Bunch for the transcription and illustration of this book.

To listen to these sermons, go to the tape list for the year 1978 and click on tapes No. 7810 through 7813 (a total of 8 sermons).

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Chapter 1: Subjects covered: The Word "Devil"; "Due"; Three Views of the Devil; New Testament description of the Devil; Which is it — Fallen angel or nations and kings?

Chapter 2: Subjects covered: Common beliefs about the Devil; The word "Diabolos"; "Sawtawn" Adversary not fallen angel; "Sawtawn" in Job; "Sawtawn" is not the Satan of today's Churches; Look who is "A Satan"; Summary of the word "Sawtawn".  

Chapter 3: Subjects covered: The word "Serpent"; Moses and Serpents; Other verses using "nachash"; Was there a talking snake in Genesis Three?; The Comet Kohoutek — An analogy. 

Chapter 4: The scapegoat; The false scapegoat; Myth and Idolatry; The Old Testament gives the Devil no "Due"; The true Biblical Devil; A deceptive "Doctrine of (about) Devils; The false doctrine called "Seedline".

Chapter 5: The war in Heaven — Revelation 12; This vision is, also, found in Daniel Seven; One Anti-Christ or many?; Symbols of the Anti-Christ; False doctrine blinds eyes to reality; Is "Lucifer" really Satan?; Isaiah 14 — The true story.

Chapter 6: Ezekiel 28; What tempted Jesus?; Devils in the New Testament; A doctrine of the Pharisees; Temptation natural — not supernatural; Think again on these verses; The source of evil: supernatural Devil or man's heart?

Chapter 7: The sin nature; "The prince of this world!"; "The prince of the power of the air"; Our worst enemy is us; One sovereign creator God; A controlling tool of priestcraft.

Chapter 8: Casting out Devils; The insane man and the swine stampede; Belief in true God separates Israel from heathen; Messenger of Satan: Carnal Nature; God allows heathen to remain in ignorance; "Ye are of your father the Devil"; The great super demon not in the Bible!; Conclusion.